Random Tuesday – Need a break from my break




  • I just got totally sidetracked by looking at old 80s things on Pinterest. Talk about the biggest time suck.
  • I can’t believe school is almost over for Ell. He has today, then three half days. And then, according to him, he’s a 2nd grader.
  • I’m really happy for him because he finally beat the 10th and final gumball math worksheet, which is a timed 50 question sheet and he kept getting SO close but he finally got all 50.
  • And Isaac… geez, going into VPK in August. That’s just insane! He used to be my squishy baby but he’s not really anymore. He’s even starting to look more grown up:14075540767_9e8ed963bf_z
  • Save as: small children.
  • Stop growing up, my babies!
  • A guy walking behind me into work today (which is always disconcerting since no one is here in summer) made a comment that it looked like I was going camping because I had so much stuff. True, I had a lunch bag, coffee mug, work bag with wallet, etc, and my breastpump, which is pretty big. But there was no need for a comment.
  • I am definitely losing fat from doing T25. I am still only down 7 pounds but I am toning up nicely. I don’t normally think workout videos are effective but I can attest that this one does the job. And it’s hard, but highly rewarding.
  • I was exhausted from the baseball party on Sunday. It was outside so it was pretty hot, we were drinking, and there were a lot of kids. We had a great time though. And I found out I’m actually decent at cornhole. Ash and I played another team of guys and though we lost the first game,  I won us the second one. So funny how adults have adopted the classic kids’ bean bag toss.
  • I’m about to go out to my friend’s food stand and tell her what happened at our last baseball game. We played those punk kids and a few things transpired. For one, they were having their end of season party there and a mom brought cupcakes. Well, she put them on the players’ bench (DUMB) and they totally fell off and dumped over. This brought me great pleasure, as it just happened. Though she claimed someone threw a ball at them, that is not true. I saw it. God punished them. THEN, our coach had to speak to their coaches because their kids kept running even after we threw the ball in field. The thing is, the last time we played, they slaughtered us but this time, the score was close so I guess they needed to cheat it where they could. I mean, we had players safe at base and they claimed they were out. So the last thing: our coach noticed they were playing with bats too large for this league. She then talked to the parks and rec official about it and the country club bitchy mom was all, “hey, don’t be snooping in our stuff. If you think we’re cheating, you’d better think again.” Our coach kindly asked her not to yell or speak to her that way and that she was talking to an official on the matter, not her. The woman went on an on then accused our coach of standing too close when pitching. She then said our kids should go back to tee ball. Funny part about that is that their kids are all old enough to play in the next league so clearly, they want their boys to be the best in this league, which doesn’t get them anywhere. Anyway, it was pretty epic. So funny how things work out; we had an awesome party with a water slide and sno cones and those kids got messed up cupcakes on the baseball field.
  • I am pretty glad baseball is over. I want to reclaim my weeknights and I am just worn. I love team sports and Elliot has really improved in so many ways, but they wear you out. Plus, it’s getting too hot to sit out there that long.
  • Time to get to work here; I am way behind from Baby Girl being sick last week and yesterday being a holiday. I hope you all enjoyed yours!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Need a break from my break

  1. I like the idea as “Save as: small children” – I’m on board with that, since that ‘pause’ button seems to be elusive. 🙂 Great job on the 7 lbs – there’s no ‘only’ about it! And man oh man does that baseball game scenario sound awful – I’d be glad the season is over, too. Here’s hoping now that you can reclaim your weeknights you’ll be less worn. 😉 Hopefully Baby Girl is 100% this week! 🙂

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