MMMM + That was some weekend

Friday afternoon, Ash and I went home early – not for any kind of fun reason 😉 – but to squeeze in two T25 sessions before baseball. Ell’s team did OK; they seem to play better at the other fields, not the ones at our park. I’m not sure if they realize this mental block they seem to have. Once everyone was in bed, I was just done; even though there wasn’t much going on last week, I felt exhausted.

Saturday morning, we got up and had breakfast before packing up for the beach. The drive was nice, actually, and it didn’t look bad once we got there, even though the forecast made it seem like we’d get rained out. By the end of the day it had definitely clouded up but in some ways, that was just fine. We had a good time; I think there were 8 or 9 total families. I managed not to make it into any group photos but it is what it is. That is the longest we’ve ever stayed I think – about 7 hours. We rolled back into town about 8. Ash dropped us off and I got all three kids in the tub while he picked up pizza. Admittedly, I didn’t eat much at the beach. I don’t normally but I wasn’t that hungry. Plus, I was drinking, as was everyone. I may have had a bit too much but I can tell you this: it’s for the best. I was having one beer maybe 4-5 nights a week. Now I kinda don’t feel like it. This is better for my overall weight loss, that’s for sure!

Sunday was recovery day for everyone. The sun really takes it out of you.  First thing, we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel for Mother’s Day Baby Girl can put away some scrambled eggs, let me tell you. Then I did laundry and cleaned all that sand we dragged away from St. George.  In the afternoon, we split up and did various errands, then hauled the very last bit of the deck wood to the street. It’s gone! Now we have to start working on the rest of the yard. It was pretty hot yesterday and even though the kids wanted to play outside, we didn’t stay out for long. Welcome to “Spring” in Florida.

Some Monday mornings I am rarin’ and ready to go but I have to ease in today. I’m feeling hazy; my eyes are blurry from allergies and my brain hasn’t engaged yet. Maybe once this mug of coffee is empty I’ll join the land of the living. In the meantime, let’s do a freebie week for MMMM!



I dig this song’s sound but I will warn you: there’s SOME stuff you may consider explicit but I don’t think there are any curse words. (Ok, the n word but aren’t we just so desensitized now? Ugh.)


And the ONLY reason I am playing this next song is because in the right hand suggested songs on youtube for the above, THIS one popped up. RANDOM!!

But hey, I like this song. Have to say though, I think I like Michael McDonald’s version better.

Anyway, I hope y’all have a fantabulous Monday!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + That was some weekend

  1. We are slow to get with it this morning–mostly because it’s snowing here. Really wishing for a beach trip right about now–glad you had a great day at the beach!

  2. And don’t forget we get our musical variety to their Naila-Moon! Oh yeah girl, I must agree with Nail on the Carly Simon tune very cool, but on the other tune I’m not much of a rap fan. I don’t see why they have to mix sex, liquor and bad language in music. Don’t they realize these kids go by their tunes and want to be just like them? Oh well, don’t get me started. hahahahaha LOL Have a great day & thanks for joining us.

  3. Monday was slow for me, too. We got in bed too late on Sunday night and I was dragging yesterday morning. I had to take a nap to rejuvenate before I could do anything else. lol Speaking of allergies…ugh, mine are driving me nuts this spring. Our tree pollen is high and grass pollen medium for days. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be like this, but I’m really ready for it to leave. Great to have you on the dance floor! Have a tunetastic week!

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