MMMM + Vacation recap; glad to be home

Man, I tell you what: I have never been so thankful to be back in my own home. Though I was gone only a week, it felt a lot longer. I’m not sure we can do this vacation anymore. It’s kind of stressful with Ash having to work long days and I have to take care of the kids alone all day. Granted, we’re at a hotel that is paid for and all, but it would be better if we could all enjoy time off together. BUT, let’s backtrack. (Bear with me; these details are as much for my records as they are simple blogging)

Ash, the baby, and I left last Sunday for my parents’ house around 10 AM. Uneventful drive; she somewhat behaved. Got into town and she took a nap while we reacquainted ourselves with those boys. I really did miss them that week! We all went swimming before having tacos for dinner and relaxing. That first night, the baby did NOT sleep well and it was kind of rough on us. The next morning, we left there about 10:30 to check into our hotel. I was pretty stressed that day, not gonna lie. BG’s eyes had flared back up with the pink eye and wouldn’t you know; I forgot her drops. So while we traveled and checked in and moved bags, I was going back and forth with the doc trying to get them to call a local CVS. I looked them up online and they all said CVS/Pharmacy, except I went to two locations that had NO pharmacy at all. SO, by the time that was even straightened out and they called, it was 3 PM and I said screw it and went the next morning. Ash had meetings and set-up until 6 and then we went to Chevy’s, which was ok. We waited for our food a long time but my veggie quesadillas were damn good.

BG didn’t sleep well that night either so the deprivation was beginning to mount. The second morning – Tuesday – Ash left early to tend to his conference and the kids and I set out for the CVS and a grocery store. Smallest in-room fridge EVER, but we had to have snacks. After that, we went ahead and walked to Downtown Disney, because it was only about half a block from our hotel. That worked out pretty well: we rode a carousel and walked in the shops. The boys played at the T-Rex store and with other little toys and we had a slushie before heading home to nap. They were not too keen on hanging out in the room while the baby slept or while I did some work but it had to be done. They weren’t always impatient about it but a lot of times they were, and that also stressed me out. Plus, we had a lot of rain so the pool was out.

On Day 3, they played ok in the AM but then got to the end of their rope JUST before my sister and Justin got there so that was a close call. We decided to go back to Downtown Disney and it was just as good: went in different stores and on a train and ate just before getting rained on. But it worked; the boys were passed out soon after everyone left. We went out to a local pizza place that night – which was actually really good – and had ice cream afterwards. BG was still waking up on average three times a night and her normally tame cough had mounted due to, well, hotel air. I always sleep like crap in hotels and she’s apparently the same way.

Thursday was starting to feel like we’d been there just too long. We tried to go to the pool early on because the rain was coming but Isaac was cold and wouldn’t get in the hot tub and then it got too crowded for Elliot so we went back in. Ash stopped by the room on his lunch break and that is when it hit me: I had to get those kids out of there. Ash and I conferred and I decided to call in a favor with my dad. I debated it, sure. He and my mom spent all the week before caring for my feral children and then the week we were in the hotel, caring for my dogs. I called and he said it was no problem at all. By 4, he was at the hotel and we were loading all things not Ash’s and going back the 40 minutes to their house. In all honesty, it was for the best. Ash got to go out with some friends from work and relax after a ten hour day; I watched the Heat/Spurs game with my dad and the boys got a good home-cooked meal. My mom was at the beach with friends so it was actually kind of relaxed. BG slept really well that night and I flat out passed out.

Day five, Ash had to work a half day so in the AM, my dad and I took the boys to the Audubon Birds of Prey center in Maitland, which was pretty cool. We tried to ride the Sun Rail but the next one wasn’t coming for an hour from when we arrived and well, I didn’t want to wait with three nutty kids. It worked out though: Ash got home a bit after noon, we ate while the kids slept, then Ash slept, and we all went swimming. My mom got back around 4 and by 6, we were all out eating yummy Mexican food.

At this point, I was really starting to feel like it was time to go home. My boys were good for the most part but if they started to melt down, the end result was an emphatic, “I want to go home, mommy!” But they held in there long enough to go to EPCOT on Saturday. I knew my dad wasn’t coming with but then he offered to stay with Baby Girl while we went, which was a total lifesaver! We got there a little after 9, bought our one kid’s ticket (my mom can get three people in only) and we were on our way. The coolest thing is that we got to see quite a few characters, which is what Isaac missed out on last year at Magic Kingdom and last week at Animal Kingdom. We got to see Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Chip and Dale. I was stressed about getting in line for long rides but Ash reminded me that we were there for them and it all worked out fine. We hit Spaceship Earth and then that character spot and The Land, then got in line for Test Track. It was an hour wait (fast passes were already for 6 PM and we didn’t want to stay that long). We were almost to the front when it had technical difficulties, setting us back another 20 or so but it was worth it; kids had a blast. At that point we headed to Mexico and ate at the Cantina. It started to rain so we dove into Mexico and did the boat ride. Still raining, we headed into Norway then made our way around the World Showcase. We had frozen thingies at the little trading outpost area, pastries in France, and drinks in England. Then we did Imagination and then hit the Soarin’ line. We had fast passes for six but waited the 50 minutes anyway. I liked it but felt like the movie could have been longer. We headed to Nemo and that was when the kids were DONE. In fact, they didn’t even care to go into any shops!

Though a bit wet, we made it home just fine, had sandwiches, and the kids got in bed by 8:30. The last night there, we all slept pretty well, knowing our time was limited. We left on Sunday at 10 and when we got home, I was just so thankful. I went straight to the grocery store and I just felt comfortable there; MY Publix. Started laundry and the kids played with their toys. Shocking, right? They even offered to help do things. Elliot vacuumed out Ash’s car and Isaac helped me with laundry. What a great evening. By the time the baby was in bed, I’d cleaned and washed and ordered Bonefish for Ash’s father’s day meal. He and I watched Game of Thrones (OMG!) and then end of the game: GO SPURS! I drifted off to sleep as they celebrated their win and when I awoke, I was honestly so disoriented that I wasn’t sure if I was in the hotel or my parents’ living room or what. I think this was an indication that I’d been away far too long.

I am ever so thankful for today: took the younger ones to daycare and Elliot to camp and now I am blissfully in my desk chair, back to my Jimmy Buffett playlists and answering emails. Vacation is nice but I love my routine.



Today’s theme is Rock and Roll legends so here are a few timeless rock songs that I think everyone should hear:

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Vacation recap; glad to be home

  1. Oh girl, you hit the nail on the head with all these Legends indeed! You definitely ROCKED THE HOUSE today! Woo Hoo! My Callie girl is such a hoot there… but you know what she’s right. hahaha Nothing like your own bathroom to come home too. bwhahahahaha

  2. Why is it when we go on a holiday we still end up doing a lot of work and really feel like we need a break, like when you come home you need a day or two to recover

  3. More often than not, you generally need a vacation from a vacation. πŸ™‚ It’s nice to get away, but oh so nice to come home! πŸ™‚ Glad you had some good times whilst on vacay, though! πŸ™‚ And I love your song choices! I almost used that Van Halen one, but started racking up too many great songs to play with. πŸ˜‰ Have a (better) week! πŸ™‚

    Walk This Way because I Can’t Dance in my Blue Suede Shoes with Jack & Diane

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