More random stuff – I do love me some bullets

  • I find myself sort of enamoured by sea glass. I know you can’t find it naturally much around here except for maybe in the Fernandina beach/Amelia Island area near Jacksonville. I looked up how much it sells for on ebay and am amazed at how much people want for that! I guess if it took you a while to find it yourself then labor makes up part of the cost.bottle_of_colors_feb_2013
  • I also keep browsing handmade signs on etsy that are beach-like in nature. Things that pronounce Beach house rules, as if I have one of those! I have this dream that my parents will have money soon and we’ll save up and all of us will rent one at St. George for a week. And we’ll spend all day in the sun and we’ll have fires and pinics and when the kids are asleep, the adults will sit outside at night, sipping beer and watching the stars, listening to waves lap the shore. And in the morning, the first thing we’ll do is wander down to the water… because we can. I’d say this is either #1 or 2 on my current bucket list.il_570xN.440783556_8d7r
  • I’m feeling pretty burned out so I guess that’s where this desire to escape to the beach or into some kind of craft is coming from. I don’t want to grade papers, I don’t want to talk to grad students, I don’t want to have to think!
  • I need a change. I need new scenery. I need new challenges. If you know me at all, you’d wonder where the real me went because normally, I thrive on stability and reliability. I expect things to stay status quo at almost all times. Not to say I can’t be spontaneous but I like things to be content. Something is changing in me.
  • Maybe this is a good thing. I feel like I can envision this precipice upon which I stand and look out onto a shift in my life. 9706736558_732c8a2048_z
  • I’m going to an essential oils party tonight. You know, like a Tupperware or Passion party. I usually go to those things with the intention NOT to buy anything. But I may actually try some for my back pain. I guess it can’t hurt and I know a lot of people who support that homeopathic remedy solution. Anything to alleviate this pain; anything.
  • I don’t know why I do it but I’ve been torturing myself by looking at the aforementioned vacation rentals. So cute! So close to the water! I can just image being away from it all! There’s this feeling of longing that is just so foreign. It’s rare that I want something as much as I want to take a weekend and just unplug.

2 thoughts on “More random stuff – I do love me some bullets

  1. We are itching to go camping up here–but that’s at least 2 months away–Juneish. Oh to be able to stumble out the door and on to the beach.

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