Random Tuesday – Birds, plants, dogs – the basics



  • I have seen way more cardinals and blue jays than ever this year and they only showed up in my yard a few days ago. I have to wonder if it’s because we uncovered so many hiding bugs when we demolished the deck. Also, contemplating birds makes me feel like my dad. That’s his big hobby.
  • Yesterday, my dad called to tell me that he felt bad about my having to board the dogs so he’d take them. This is HUGE because he seemingly hates my dogs and has said many times that they cannot come. Which is funny because they’re crate trained and therefore, never freely roaming the house. Anyway, he said it was all good and I offered to pay him as well. (for 3 of the days of our vacation, we’ll be at a hotel so he’ll do the work.) Well then, it turns out that my mother had promised her friend she’d watch THEIR dog those SAME days. My mom, I could tell, was irritated,  but she said she wouldn’t choose a friend over family. I hate things like this because everyone feels bad about it in some way.
  • We started Beta T25 last night and whoa. They take the speed and  jumping to a whole new level. But I think this will really ramp up the results; I can tell already. I know I’d get REALLY good results if I followed the meal plan but man, I don’t feel like I can hardcore commit to one. more. thing.
  • There is a plant whose name is yet unknown to me and I cannot for the life of me find it. I have searched cacti databases as well as hummingbird attracter ones. We first ran into this plant back in 2012 at this Disney hotel:7398260778_bb3b2d3ede_z
  • I recently saw it planted downtown and here, by our campus library:20140422_104852
  • It’s starting to bug me; how do you find these things out short of going to a nursery and showing them a picture? I know that’s not a difficult task but time is something I’m a wee bit short on.
  • I have a whole bunch of things to rearrange at work  (not physically; class wise) and I just do NOT want to. I know how great I will feel once it is done, but taking that first step is damned hard. You know what I mean? Granted, the coffee has only just begun flowing through my veins so…
  • And now I shall share a few pics I have recently pinned and send you on your merry way. Happy Tuesday!1138db58a62cd5db180b7afea3ca70b822ea3b9c6a978460de98e9d3695b3166bb1e70e2ccb184562562ba79c4b2604a1d046cec7cb9a32f7b8a897a3aef1300
  • Buy this; it is SO good!!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Birds, plants, dogs – the basics

  1. Well, Elizabeth, photoshop contains powerful vector tools (pen tools and its colalegues). You can even make a vector output in fileformats such as EPS, WMF etc.You are right that photoshop is not made for creating vector designs, for that we have Adobe Illustrator.

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