Review Extravaganza – July, August, September

This week, I am taking on these middle months, wherein a lot of good and a lot of really bad things seems to happen!

In July, we lost our dear dog, Iggy, to start off the month, I had to really strive to get my mood turned around, Ash and I took a weekend to ourselves in Cocoa beach, I wrote about ten things that make me angry, and I wrapped up summer complaining bout the heat but loving breakfast and fireflies.

In August,  we went to an end of VPK party wherein Isaac had a near-drowning event,  I blogged A LOT about running, Elliot turned five, and I had to randomly have my appendix taken out!

In September,  I got a wee bit too excited about not being allowed to run,  I decided not to run the marathon I had signed up for, I found myself overworked,  Took Elliot to a football game, and I mused some, coming out of my depression.

Those were some busy, crazy months but I got through them and enjoyed them nevertheless. I’m in my office this morning (with Elliot because public schools are closed) but I’ll be heading out in a couple hours to do some last minute shopping and then pack the car! If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because we’re out of town. Maybe I shall post photos; I probably will put some on Instagram, if you follow me: Scriptor79

Oh, and some photos from those three months:


5 thoughts on “Review Extravaganza – July, August, September

  1. I love your youngest’s cheese face. That’s adorable! He looks like he’s already tired of pictures. 😉
    So sorry for the loss of your dog. Our fur babies are a huge part of the family.

  2. That kindergarten picture is so cute! Sorry those were some rough months- glad it was just a near-drowning and that everyone was okay. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. And thank you so much for recapping.

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