MMMM + What the…? Where did that weekend go?

::Drying self:: It’s pouring rain this morning, as it has been since about 3 PM yesterday, and it was rough getting into the office this morning. But I am here, ready to tackle the day. But first, a recap.

Friday afternoon, I left my office around three to get my six miler out of the way. It was a good run; only three or four people tried to run me over making a right when I had the crossing right of way. So you know, bonus! /eyeroll. (They got copious amounts of finger; copious and angry.) Then, in order to keep myself awake after dinner, Elliot and I braved some stores on tax free weekend, though they really were not that bad. At Target, I got socks, which both kids needed badly. Ell got a nice shirt for his first day of school. Then at Old Navy I found shorts for myself but not the one thing I was looking for: brown shoes for both boys. Sigh. In fact, I hate all the styles these places are carrying right now. Blah. But we still found stuff and didn’t have to wait in too many long lines. Around 10, I went out for drinks with some folks from the department in honor of our friend, Sarah, who took a job elsewhere. That was pretty fun; was only out for a few hours but it’s rare I hang out with them so it was fun.

Saturday morning, I banged out my three miler early so I could get other things done like laundry and Ell’s swim lesson. After nap, we went to a party held by the parents of one of Ell’s classmates. It was supposed to just be an end of summer bash and man, they went all out. Of course, they also live in the nicest gated community we have around here so there’s that… They had a big-ass water slide and we had a rockin’ good time until, you know, Isaac went unconscious. No big deal; he went under the water in the slide’s ending area when Peyton sort of flopped into him. He didn’t hit him hard at all but Isaac wasn’t prepared and when he started to cry, he sucked in a bunch of water and air. He was basically gurgling as he tried to breathe and that’s when he went limp. Ash flopped him onto his stomach and started, well, trying to get him to breathe while I broke out my freaked out mom shriek to ask if anyone knew CPR. But he basically choked up the water and recovered right after that. He was totally fine but you see, Ell lost consciousness once from bumping his head (NOT what Isaac did) so my first instinct was to spaz out. The other moms were like, “I would have been freaking out way more than that; you handled it so well.” LOL, right guys. We’d been there for 3 hours at that point and decided that play time was over.

They briefly napped in the car then went right back to playing in our (way too small) pool at home! But that’s ok; they were worn out like whoa by the time they went to bed. We were too; I am pretty sure I got into my bed to watch TV around 9:30. And I sort of remember Elliot coming in later and saying he was scared but I don’t remember what happened then. Maybe Ash dealt with him? All I know is that I was passed out.

He came barging into our room at 6:15 Sunday morning and, not being able to go back to sleep, I went ahead and prepped for my nine miler. I chose not to eat or drink beforehand and I am very glad I did. Sometimes that can mess you up if you don’t wait long enough. I was happy to start running at 6:45. I have had notoriously bad 9ers during other trainings in the past so I am happy that this one was just fine. Also, it’s a pretty damn good day when you’ve burned over 1,000 calories before 9 AM. The rest of Sunday consisted of a big lunch (steak, mashed potatoes, corn) and naps and cleaning, and rain, but Momo’s for pizza and beer followed by a trip to Toys R Us and TCBY. Ash and I finished off the night by watching track and field stuff. And btw, the Borlee brothers who are running for Germany totally go to FSU; I have added them into classes before. 🙂

Anyway, here we are on Monday and it’s a freebie week!



Couple country songs I have liked for a while but haven’t found the opportunity to share:

(I live super close to the Florida Georgia line so, yo, know, there’s that.)



9 thoughts on “MMMM + What the…? Where did that weekend go?

  1. Well sounds like you’ve been rather busy I’d say. Those two tunes are new to me, but they are so rockin’. Gotta turn up dem dare speakers I do. Have a rockin’ week & thanks for sharing. Oh I had to fix you link. It kept sending me to for some reason. It was someone’s email address I think. So I put the right one for you. Now maybe you’ll get some comments. hehehe

  2. LOL duh meeeeeeee why don’t I look ahead. Oh well more the merrier I say. LOL YOU’RE A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY AND I’M A LITTLE BIT ROCK & ROLLLLLLLLL!! HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!

  3. What a weekend you had. I’ve seen just too many accidents with those big water slides. I used to work at a hospital right next to one, and there was always someone coming in from the place. Good to hear that everything was fine. Great songs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great weekend for you! Ours was a mix bag of surprises. I hope to get my random Tuesday post up later today highlighting our weekend. Anyhow, it was great to listen to your freebie picks this morning – all new one for me! Thanks for partying with us on MMMM. Keep that music alive within you all week long! 🙂

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