Evenings, breakfasting

Yesterday was gross. I can’t remember a more humid day this summer. Literally, it was like a sauna out there. Luckily, it was a rest day so I didn’t have to run. Also fortunate, the kids didn’t want to go outside so we stayed indoors and watched some TV, played some Bey Blade, and had dinner. Lately, dinners have been on the fly as running dominates evenings and Ash also goes out two nights a week to play cards. Which I don’t mind but it interferes. I make the kids healthy things, sure, but it’s always thrown together. Last night they had chicken nuggets, corn, and raspberries. Meanwhile, I cooked up some hashbrowns, bacon, and a fried egg. This has become a staple lately.

Remember a couple weeks ago when all I wanted were cheese and crackers? This is my new cheese and crackers. I want it all the time, at any time and it is both awesome and bothersome; dinner cannot always be breakfast.

Summer… I can’t figure out if we’re smack in the middle or if it’s waning now. Florida is summer for more time than any other season so the months don’t mean what they do in other states. Right on up through September and early October it’ll still be kind of hot but the crank back from HOT to WARM will be so subtle that the first cool-ish (60s?) day in October will catch me off guard and make my heart do a little dance.

Elliot was getting out of the tub around 8:45 last night and I went outside to check for fireflies, which I have seen surprisingly few of this year. Twilight cast its purplish glow across our yard, freshly mown, and the air was cool and dry for the first time all day. Checking for mosquitoes and seeing none, I could have stayed out there far longer than I did, but the boy needed to have a book read and the Olympics were on. But I kind of wished I had pulled up a chair and sat down on my front porch, just watching as the sky turned from that lilca-y purple to more of a cornflower blue, the color right before darkness takes over. I sometimes forget to revere in things, like dusk and dinner and the times when it’s quiet, right after the kids have gone to sleep.

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