It turned out to be one of those days where I think I am getting stuff done – I certainly felt busy – but then, I didn’t  accomplish all that much. I graded all of ten or so papers but it seemed like there were always more. I am tending to a phone battery issue (it went from 74% at 11 PM to 10% in the AM; which seems wrong), I printed a modified half-marathon plan so I can be trained up for this Pine Run, and I need to call Suburban Propane.

I have to get this stuff done so I can spend tomorrow afternoon hanging out with the players and coaches of our football team. It’s an honor to be entertained in such fashion so I can’t turn it down. On Saturday, I’ll get to watch them warm-up on the sidelines before the Wake Forest game AND get my picture with Jimbo Fisher. I guess this means I should be a better FSU fan; I mean, of course I support them – I have for as long as I can recall – but maybe I should buy more t-shirts and put up, like, a flag on my house or something. Go Noles!

In between all my work things, I keep thinking of the boys. Elliot had a really rough Friday and Saturday. Then he was super good on Monday and Ash told him (made the mistake of telling him?) that if he got on purple (higher than blue, which is even one step above green, which is where all the kids start in the morning) then we would take him to a movie. Well wouldn’t you know, Elliot came home yesterday on purple! This tactic normally doesn’t work for him and yet, there it is. Ash took him to see Paranorman last night. This certainly can’t be an all-the-time thing but for the first time, I think it was appropriate to follow through. Of course, my mother thought it was bad to indulge him so quickly and it set a bad standard. I have decided that I may start withholding certain information from her.

The cooler mornings make me want to be somewhere else. I’m grading grading grading but I want to be outside or moving or anything other than here, stuck. I keep shuffling around in my chair, tucking one foot up under my leg, then yanking my chair closer tot he desk, as if to tether myself to it and make me do work. But my mind is too adrift, with the window open and the sounds of early Fall present, just barely but definitely noticeable. In my head float pictures of leaves and taking the kids to the pumpkin patch and this weird, hazy idea of a time when I won’t have to run all the time, which actually doesn’t exist because I have committed myself to a lifetime of fitness. If I don’t, I’m going to gain weight and I won’t be happy.

I don’t know the point of this post other than to procrastinate and talk. I guess, like most teachers, I like to hear myself talk, even if it is only in my head.

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