Review Extravaganza – Last three months

I’m home with all three kids this week (which is both wonderful and entirely too stressful) and I tried to recreate my normal writing habit for this post; it is NOT working! Baby keeps coming over to the side table with my coffee mug, Elliot is blabbering about some game, and Isaac wants letter instruction, only now because I am busy. Sigh. I am way too used to working!


This month started off with the pondering of what to do with Todd’s eye condition.

I blogged about finding time for me (see #8).

Ash and I had an anniversary.

I mused about various things as Halloween approached.


I recapped Halloween and pined for my hubs and oldest to come home.

I got a little too excited about buying a new home, even though we are not… yet.

Three out of five of us got sick, very sick. Oh, it was just me who was VERY sick.

A gunman opened fire at the library on campus where I work.


I recapped Thanksgiving and shared some Xmas songs.

I did “almost nice” Portable North Pole videos for my kids and it backfired!

Then I skipped a week between recaps because we’ve been super busy!

Now the Photos:










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