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What a weird day; it began dark but then lightened up, as it does. But around 10 it got cloudy and gray; dreary and cold. The rain came through about noon and now, it is clear, blue skies, and a bit of sun. As time has passed, the day is muted now; the air has a soft quality to it and though it is not cloudy, it is also not sunny and bright. It’s as if that rain cleared everything out but left a light haze of Fall/Winter color.

The cold front blew through in a rush but now it is here. As I walked to my car, it felt like a tea and warm blankets kind of day. After I took care of Todd (he has more meds because he somehow scratched the bad eye), I wanted to stay home. But instead, I made tea and brought it back to my office. (That pic is obviously not MY tea.)4aabfd19f163834063211ce6d2ea7f1c


This weekend is supposed to get colder: mid 30s in the AM and only low 60s at the height of day. On par for this time of year and oh-so nice. I want to take Isaac and Baby to the zoo on Sunday but it’ll be quite chilly. I guess we can bundle and still enjoy it. But will the animals be active?


Do you think I’m a “terrible person” for saying that I would not like to be a therapist because my clients’ burdens would weigh too heavily on me? A co-worker of mine told me I am such because I said that. I know someone who is a trauma therapist and just talking to her made me realize that I could never do that. It isn’t that I would not want to help people but I tend to stew over things, even when they don’t directly affect me. On my anniversary a few weeks ago, I found out about 3 different people I know who are either divorcing or currently separated. I don’t know any of them closely; we are acquaintances. But I thought about this for days and days and just felt sad. I think we all make choices about our careers/jobs for specific reasons. My job DOES involve helping people but not through the super difficult things in life. I field questions about grading and student issues and navigating life/teaching/being a student. But I don’t think therapy would be for me. Still I contend, that does NOT make me a bad person, right?


I want to be the mom who makes a well-rounded nutritious meal but this week? While 2/5 of my family is away? I don’t know. I asked Isaac what he REALLY wanted yesterday, what would taste awesome, and all he could said was “I don’t know.” He reluctantly ate Publix chicken tenders and not much else. Maybe some grapes later on. But he’s going through that funky 4-5 year old eating phase; Elliot did it too. I’m going to propose Chinese take-out tonight and see if he bites. It’s easy, and I made breakfast and lunch today so paying for dinner is alright. My goal is to make something Saturday and then get ingredients to use the crockpot on Sunday. I also want to be the mom who utilizes Pinterest more and takes recipes from it then dominates in the kitchen. Maybe one day!


Do you ever take a second to read what’s trending on Facebook? You know, that column on the top right? Some of the things they post are so useless. Today, “Soap opera star takes moment to thank fans.” Who gives a crap? I say I want useful news, not depressing stuff, but I am looking for something in the middle of straight up sad and completely trivial.

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