Random Tuesday – Sickness, Cold, haters


Random it up!

  • Let me tell you: the stomach flu don’t play. Remember how baby threw up last Saturday? Yeah, well Elliot was up at 4:30 AM this Saturday with similar issues, though that was it for him. He felt like crap the rest of the day but he was a one and done. Now I, on the other hand, started feeling bad around 9 PM Sunday but my stomach was dragging its ass. I knew I was going to puke; it was just a matter of when. I spent all Sunday night on the bathroom floor. I had it worse than either kid. I henceforth spent Monday either in bed or on the couch. And when I felt OK enough to drag myself to a semi-upright position, I Lysoled the hell out of all doorknobs, light switches, and other surfaces. No one else needs to get this!
  • Before my bathroom floor quarantine, we had a pretty good weekend. Our garage sale was Saturday and though it was pretty cold, which worried us as far as people actually coming, we made out alright.I wasn’t trying to make a fortune; just trying to get rid of stuff. And we did; most of it was sold and the rest will go to Goodwill. I then picked up my barbecue lunch from Leon High (Their band fundraiser. I was never in band so you might wonder why I always donate. They go house to house in the heat in their uniforms. That right there is torture, people.) We all napped and then around 5:30, went to Sonny’s. Barbecue twice in one day, you ask? I got smoked turkey, mac, and green beans. Entirely different than my lunch of chicken, baked beans, and cole slaw.
  • Sunday was all errands and cleaning but then of course, my illness.
  • Even though I felt like garbage yesterday, it was nice to be able to get in bed when I felt like and watch whatever I wanted on TV (Property Brothers on constant loop, if you must know) and if I wanted it to be quiet, I could make it so. I took a bath and listened to music and it was… fabulous. Sometimes I really appreciate being home alone.
  • Speaking of, we watched Home Alone last night. I cry like a baby when I have been sick and so, I cried at that movie. Once I had kids, that movie had so much more meaning for me.
  • It’s super cold today (35 this morning, and windy) and it is kind of early for these temps. I just went back to last year and around mid-month, it was in the 50s. So, I have read many a student paper on global warming but, uh, maybe not? 😉
  • In a bit, I am taking a stroll across our chilly campus to get tickets for this weekend’s football game. Haters gonna hate but FSU is still undefeated. I know the entire country – everyone outside Tallahassee – wants to see us lose. But you know, there are more important things than football and I wish everyone would just drop it already. Now is the time to worry about bigger issues and be thankful for what we have. Stop picking fights, stop instigating possible problems; just be good to one and all. There, with that said, stepping off my soapbox and doing work. See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Sickness, Cold, haters

  1. Oh you poor thing! Sorry you (and the minions) were sick! Little Dude and Princess Nagger both stayed home today – raging fevers and the most horrid sounding congestion. They better not get me sick so close to Thanksgiving!! 🙂 Glad you’re all feeling somewhat better.

    It’s been cold here, too! So much for global warming, eh? 🙂

    Thanks for always being random!! 🙂

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