Random Tuesday – Break week

Stacy Uncorked
  • Alright. I sat on this little dot for a while now; time to get started. SO, I thought I had to finish grading FSU papers AND grade two courses’ worth of research papers online but they apparently changed how this one works so it is NEXT week that I grade. This is good and bad; this week I get a slight break but next week, well, I am a bit busy. It’ll be interesting trying to squeeze so much into that week.
  • Last night, I showed the boys their Portable North Pole videos. Now, I had originally not planned to do them this year but Elliot was randomly pondering out loud why Santa hadn’t sent them the video of whether or not they were on the nice list. Sigh. So I went ahead and made one for each kid and I chose the ‘almost nice’ option, thinking this is something they needed to hear; they haven’t exactly been stellar lately. Instead of making them say, “Aww man, I better try extra hard to make it onto that list!”, it made them both cry and pout. Once Elliot cried it out, he did start acting right; he was polite and loving even. This morning, he was sort of still good; caught himself being bad and righted his course. We’ll see if it works for Isaac. The plan is to remake nice videos and let them watch in a few days.
  • The daycare is doing a little Xmas pageant on Friday, which is nice but then they are having a spaghetti lunch. I’d stick around but – and I know this is weird – I hate spaghetti!
  • Ash’s office has now decided to have a Christmas party but now I don’t think I can find a babysitter for Saturday. Kind of sucks; I really would like to go out!
  • Since I have a little extra time now, I think I might walk down to this geocache I couldn’t find before. The last few finds were successful so it has to be there. And now, with less students around, I don’t have to worry about people looking at me like I’m crazy.
  • I want more coffee.
  • I think I’ll go ahead and take that walk now. I have been running on Wednesdays only and it’s definitely not enough. I must start exercising!
  • I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday!

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