MMMM + Can I have My Husband Back Now?

Mad props to single parents; I don’t think I could do it. Been on my own since Wednesday afternoon and I am just over it. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed certain aspects, but the age of 4-5 is, well, interesting. But anyway, let me recap.

I had every intention to stay at work all Friday but around one, I started to fret about not being ready for Halloween so I decided to head out. I gave Todd his meds and went to Target for tights for Baby’s outfit. On my way back, I decided to treat myself and I did indeed get a pedicure. (I chose OPI’s “Your villa or mine?” color. I love it.) When I got home I ate a sandwich and cleaned some and tried on my own costume. I believe I sat on the couch a mere 30 minutes before going back for the kids. It was sort of hectic getting them all ready and whatnot but we made it to my friend’s house around 6 just fine. She’d made chili and things and so we all ate and hung out until it was time to go house to house. My friend’s kid is more friends with Elliot but Isaac did fine. He followed Beau and Lawson until he got tired and then rested on the trailer with Beau’s grandma and Aiden, another older kid who sort of took to Isaac. Baby did better than expected, considering we didn’t get home until about 9:15. Long day, long night, but pretty fun. Everyone was so helpful because I a.) wasn’t with my spouse and b.) had a toddler. I am grateful for kind friends.

Saturday morning was COLD and Isaac’s game was at 10:30. I bundled everyone up and we headed out to the fields. Man, it was super windy so that didn’t help either. Baby was fussy and it turns out it was due to sleepiness. She finally passed out around 20 minutes before his game ended. That was her first weird nap. We went home and had lunch and then I let her nap again. Isaac had been begging to go to the Tallahassee Museum so it was my plan to head there about 2. He wouldn’t nap officially but he and I both fell asleep on the couch for maybe 20 minutes before she woke and we got all ready to brave the wind again. The “zoo” was cool, though as I said, Isaac is at an age where he doesn’t know what he wants. He kept telling me on Saturday that he didn’t want to go Trick or Treating the night before… where he was thrilled to put on his costume… and where he had an absolute blast. SO, we saw the animals then headed to the historic buildings of Bellevue, Catherine Murat’s old home (related to Napoleon) and then we went over to the farm. They have a replica 1880s farm and it happened to be Farm Days, which means people were doing authentic things in said buildings: a guy blacksmithing (last time we went, Ash got to throw a hatchet), some people whittling, a boy demonstrating old toys, and people who made cane syrup the old way. I got some for my dad who was ecstatic. He said he probably hasn’t had it made that way since he was a boy. Isaac was having a good time but as we were leaving, I asked what his favorite thing was and he said he didn’t want to go to the zoo anyway. He then proceeded to tell me he wished we lived there. ODD. Anywho, we let Baby take another 45 minute nap because she fell asleep during the last five minutes of our car ride, and then we hit up Target for a min then got Chik-Fil-A. By this time you can imagine I was exhausted. When they were both in bed, I took a hot bath, lit a sage and thyme candle, and just relaxed. I then watched Magic Mike on TV but that movie is horrendous. Lots of pretty men but god-awful dialogue. Oy.

I vowed that Sunday wouldn’t be as crazy but with the time change, we were at Publix a little before 8. We also went to Costco before lunch. Thankfully they slept really well during nap so I got to rest and do laundry and watch football. Around 4 we went to the used kid clothes place before having the stuff I made in the crockpot. It turned out really well! And we all liked it. Though again, Isaac could very well go all day on a grape and a cracker so what little he ate, I was happy about. The time change affected baby in a way I had not predicted. Normally, they wake up too early the next day but for her, when I got her all ready and fed and in her crib by what would have been 7:30 by her internal clock, she was having none of it. I tried rocking her for a good 20 minutes and though she was calm, she was not asleep. I ended up letting her play blocks with Isaac and she was finally worn out by 7:45, nearly an hour and 45 minutes past what her internal clock read. Maybe she adjusted better than I expected and just knew it somehow. Either way, I was thrilled when she finally went back down! The time change really affected me though as I drifted off to sleep around new 8 o’clock and woke around 9:45, not able to go back to bed until new one o’clock. Sigh.

Today, it was 30 when we woke up. It’ll be 60 by day’s end. I still have errands to run and lots of work to do but for now, I leave you with some songs from the 70s. I always forget that these songs even came out in the 70s!


James Taylor!

Alice Cooper!

Polar opposites!

10 thoughts on “MMMM + Can I have My Husband Back Now?

  1. I think being a single parent would be bloody hard, I had Tim but at times it all felt too hard for me as well…………Halloween, not an Aussie thing and we didn’t have anyone come knocking at my daughter during the night.

  2. Oh wow, James Taylor is so young there. My husband loves his music. He said Mr. Taylor helped him to learn guitar (by listening of course). Wow you went from one side of the street to the other didn’t you. hehehe James Taylor to the infamous Alice Cooper. hehehe Great tunes my friend, and thanks for joining us. Have a rockin’ week.

  3. It’s so hard to parent alone. I have had to do it a lot with Match’s work schedule, and it SUCKS. Definitely mad props to the people who have to do it all the time. The time change affected all of us too. Bleck.

  4. .I had to be single parent for years and no, not fun but it is too at times. Anyway, it looks like you did ok in spite of it all. It does help to have friends!

    I like your duo songs…total opposites for sure!

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