Random Tuesday – Imminent, picnics, new plans

Stacy Uncorked
  • In about an hour, I’m taking the kids to the park and we’re meeting my friend and her kids to eat and play. I am trying to do enough things this week so that they stay entertained and I don’t lose my mind!
  • This morning I put away all Christmas things with the exception of the tree. I always intend to leave stuff up until the 6th but I don’t have it in me. If I hadn’t done it, my living room would have stayed a mess and again, mind = lost. I hate a mess! Besides, I never did truly capture the holiday spirit this year so it’s just as well that stuff is back to normal. Maybe I won’t be as depressed because there’s nothing to let go of.
  • Speaking of, my grandmother – who has been ailing for years now – is supposedly down to her last few hours. We’ll see. I have heard that before. In some ways, I think we’d all rather she be at peace; it’s no way to live, on oxygen and having little strokes and seizures all the time. My grandfather could use a break as well. She has lived a long, full life so you know…
  • I went into the post office yesterday with a couple boxes and they refused to mail them with duct tape, claiming the airlines won’t ship them. As soon as she told me that, she quickly informed me that I could buy their tape. Yeah, I’m sure I can! I told her “bullshit” and stormed out.  I was already in a bad mood and it was raining, I’d left my kids in the car assuming it’d be a quick send. Well, screw her. I went into the UPS store this morning and he thought they were nuts! Especially because they offer USPS service! So, package shipped, no muss no fuss. Just an example of our government trying to squeeze every cent from us.
  • I put this on Facebook the other day but things I want to try in 2015: washi tape, bullet journaling, the skinny jeans/fuzzy boot look, and I am going to throw in there more organized eating. I have to get on a schedule of balancing food items throughout the day. I need more leans meats, carbs, and fruits.  What are you going to do differently this year?

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Imminent, picnics, new plans

  1. Here if you go to the post office to send something they will tape the box closed for you at no extra cost.

    My nanna is still alive at 93 and has not life she is bedridden and can’t feed herself or use the toilet, she is now longer able to talk other then a few words here and there we love her but she would be better off in heaven with pop

  2. The post office is not run by the government. The postmaster used to be a part of the president’s cabinet, but the organization became independent in the 70s with executives running it instead of Congress. Their rates are even based on an independent commission and not set by any elected body.

      1. Your money doesn’t go to the government. It is an independent agency. It’s a government service that has been outsourced, much like many prisons also have. The government doesn’t receive any money from it, the independent agency that has taken over the responsibilities does.

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