MMMM + Busy weekend

The baby’s room is painted! I taped, Ash painted the majority of the walls, and I did the corners, edges, and detail work. I am so glad to have that portion done. For you see, my due date is one month from today. I know that even if this baby was born very early, we could still get it done but I like to be ahead. And we weren’t as ahead on this one as I would have liked.

The weekend seemed odd because of the holiday, etc. I went home a bit early on Wednesday because I wasn’t feeling well, then Thursday we were (obviously) off, then Friday, our office left around noon. That was Ash’s birthday and we didn’t do anything really special. The boys and I got him a really nice camp chair and a grill cleaning set. Then I picked us up Bonefish for dinner. Though, sadly, I upchucked mine a few hours later. Oh pregnancy, you foul beast.

I felt infinitely better the next morning and drank a ton of water instead of coffee. The weather was still crap though so we worked on the baby’s room, went to Lowe’s and Sonny’s and then worked through naptime as well. Since it rained, we couldn’t go to the pool, as we talked about. Elliot informed me that it was the worst day of his life because we couldn’t go swimming. I told him it was still a pretty good day for being the worst. Kids!

Yesterday the weather was better so we made it to the pool for a bit. The kids somehow managed not to nap, though I did, and they were pretty cranky by day’s end. But that’s the way things go; sometimes they’re just in a funk. They both were this morning too but hopefully by the afternoon, they’ll have turned that around.

SO, this week I have a bunch more to do at work to prepare for leave and Ash and I will go look at carpet remnants (totally the way to go if you’re only doing one room).


Since it is a freebie week, I am going to just put ye old ipod on shuffle and see what comes up!

Ahh, Poison, good choice, ipod.

And now it wants to pick this one; I honestly still don’t quite understand the logistics of these lyrics.

Seriously, this little device has gone crazy, methinks.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Busy weekend

  1. Luvin’ your choices here, and Blake Shelton is so young here. I can see what made him so popular. I haven’t heard all these in so very long. You really rocked the house! And look at you only one more month? Wow excitement begins. So glad you got a chance to finish the nursery. Now just sit back & put your feet up! Thanks for sharin & joinin’ us today! Have a great week.

  2. One more month ey? I remember when all of us were like, what, you’re pregnant? lol
    I do think your i-pod went crazy but I am loving all of them. Poison…wow, long time for that one.

  3. Time has zipped by. Only 4-weeks to go and your precious baby will be in your arms. Granted these next few weeks will seem like an eternity to you, but it’ll all be behind before you know it. 🙂 Well, I say, it’s better that your iPod went crazy instead of you, right? Pick 1 & 3 had me dancing in my chair whereas #2 made me feel more mellow. Great fun for freebie week on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

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