WWTK – Fun or Fear?

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Answer these as best you can:


1. Are you an amusement/theme park kind of person? (Yes or no)

2. If yes, where have you gone? If no, what makes you dislike those kinds of places?

3. Do you like to go on roller coasters?

4. Does your answer to #3 directly correlate to how you are about life experiences?

5. What was the last scary and/or risky thing you did?


1. For the most part, yes.

2. I love Disney and I love fairs; I’m not all too keen on places like Cedar Point or Six Flags.Going-to-the-Carnival-circus-and-carnivals-20358670-1440-900

3. No, for the most part, I don’t care for coasters. Some I like… the hanging ones are always just fine and Thunder Mountain is pretty fun but I HATE drops of any kind.

4. In some ways, yes. I am pretty cautious, but I sometimes can talk myself into taking risks and doing things that are a bit scarier than I am used to.

5. The obvious answer here is the decision to have a third kid. It’s scary to think we’ll have a.) another day care payment and b.) a little girl. Both of these things downright freak me out.

4 thoughts on “WWTK – Fun or Fear?

  1. I like thrill rides, but only if I’m well strapped in. Since I have a stronger stomach than Nick, I am the designated rider with Turbo when we go let him try out roller coasters.

  2. You know, I think I’d be more likely to try more “scary” stuff if I didn’t live in such a rural, and often dull, place. Most of the time I’m happy here, but I wouldn’t mind having a little more adventure at my fingertips…

  3. I decided I didn’t like roller coasters when I went on the Ring of Fire, and when we hung upside down I swore I was going to fall out of the dang thing. I don’t think they strap you in good enough ha ha!
    I love little county fairs, they are my favorite!

  4. love your answer to the ‘scary’ or ‘risky’ thing! that’s a pretty big thing!!! at that stage myself these days and just keep wondering… wonder too long and it ain’t gonna happen! LOL… now i have never been to six flags but hope to over the summer – but then haven’t done disney yet either and that’s at the TOP of my list! glad that i’ve found WWTK again! have missed it! cheers 🙂

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