Random (Talk to Us) Tuesday – Additional Disney/Vacation thoughts, Milestone, Child Absence


Seriously Shawn

This, my friends, is my 2000th post!!!!!!

  • I was hoping my 2000th would land on a Tuesday, just so I could share that news with you. I am pretty shocked I don’t have more, honestly. I began this blog in 2006, after leaving Xanga, after a brief stint with livejournal, after the great Diary-X crash. Here’s a snippet of my first post here, which is now somewhat embarrassing:
  • I have a deep desire to write things out for someone to read, even if it isn’t something they even care about. However, if you are like me, then you enjoy reading about other peoples’ lives, even when it is the mundane, the complaints, the everyday nonsense that sometimes comprises our lives. If everyone lived like a rock star every minute of the day, we’d never appreciate things like sunsets or fireflies, puppies or good long walks in Autumn.
  • LOL. Well, I was young(er) then, right? I had just gotten this job, had no kids yet, and so much has happened since then!
  • It’s weird not having Elliot this week. Even though this is his third year in a row spending a week away, I always find his absence so odd. It’s quieter, for sure. I get to take a step back from harping on him and reflect on all that he is and has accomplished; it’s nice to appreciate him and not be annoyed. I do hope this means that when he returns, I will have found some new patience for him as well.
  • I have to say: our vacation last week felt long. I always hear students complaining that Spring Break wasn’t long enough, etc but I am the type of person who relishes both hard work and hardcore slacking. BUT, I can only lay around for so long and then it’s time to go back to work, at least for a little while.
  • Last year, I wrote a post after our summer vacation about how we got into an altercation in an Orlando movie theater. Even though we didn’t actually get to see a movie this time (it was sold out), we had another weird instance. We were at a different theater, one closer to my parents’  house, and, firstly, we heard some people shouting at each other in the parking garage and then a bottle crashing down the stairwell. Then, as we were walking towards our car, a black woman rolled her window down and shouted something at me. I didn’t hear it all but it sounded something like, “Girl you ain’t got no sense….” A.) a lot of cars were driving around looking for spots and I wasn’t looking at her or anything to prompt this and b.) we weren’t in the way of said cars or doing anything other than walking, so I have no idea why she said something. It was just really weird. That kind of shit never happens here!
  • I do kind of miss laying by the pool each day. In the AM hours, I didn’t put sunscreen on myself, with the exception of my face. I did put it on in the afternoon when the sun was hotter. I am looking nicely tanned now and I love it.
  • We did finally settle on a baby name. It’s no longer Isabelle or Olivia… but I’m not telling! Don’t worry; it won’t be all that long until you’ll know. I am almost 33 weeks as it is. I can tell you that it ranked between 230 and 280 in 2012. Narrow THAT down!
  • Someone I know wrote that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are stupid. Though I dislike Hallmark Holidays in general, I like those two days way more than Valentine’s Day. I don’t know why anyone would hate them. I mean, any excuse for a parent to get a break is fine by me.
  • I had such weird dreams last night in the wee hours after Isaac barged into our room after a bad dream. I was dating some guy (alternate universe!) but this other guy really wanted me to leave that guy for him. The other guy was Parker Hurley:
  • tumblr_mnr9bxXikI1qg22hlo1_500


And that’s how you know I was seriously delusional. Have an excellent Tuesday everyone!

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to Us) Tuesday – Additional Disney/Vacation thoughts, Milestone, Child Absence

  1. That was quite a dream!

    That woman was probably yelling at you because she didn’t see you walking there and it was your fault. I get that a lot.

    My goodness! 2000 posts! What a milestone. Congrats!

  2. Gotta love those pregnancy dreams.
    My 1000th post should fall on Monday. Amazing that I have found that much to say. Congrats on 2000.

  3. 2000 posts, wow! Congrats! I started my blog in 2006 too… but I’m nowhere close to 2000 I don’t think! haha! It’s fun to go back and read those first posts, though, silly as they sound now.

    Very excited to hear your girl’s name… I love baby names…

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