Just stuff

I don’t have it in me to do Spin Cycle or the Writer’s Workshop prompt this week; I’m actually feeling motivated to work today, which I haven’t since returning from vacation. So below are some tid-bits of my life as of late.


  • I desperately need a new phone; old Samsung Stratosphere is acting like a little bitch and August 13th (my eligibility date) cannot come soon enough. Galaxy S4, here I come!
  • My lawn needs to be mowed like whoa. I did it right before our vacation but it grows  insanely fast in the summertime. The back is worse but look!2013-06-19 16.35.24
  • 33 weeks seems to have brought out the really icky parts of pregnancy, all of a sudden. I honest to God went home yesterday and slept for three hours in the middle of the day because I could just not get it together. My legs and arms just plain hurt – I skipped yoga for that reason – and my brain was foggy.
  • Today, I am much better; eating better, drinking more water, stretching throughout the day. At my doc appt on Monday, they tested my hemoglobin and I was .5 lower than they wanted me to be. Their suggestion was to eat more red meat and dark leafy veggies. I did that! And apparently it took a few days to take effect in my body.
  • It’s been super hot and muggy here lately and bugs are out in full force. I watched a good size spider (about the size of a quarter) spin a web right outside my glass door the other night. In the morning, he was wrapping up some morsels he caught overnight. Then by the afternoon, was gone. I’m assuming one of the many birds I suddenly have flitting about my yard is to blame for his disappearance.
  • Even though this one online job is going away, I have been putting effort into the last few weeks of grading. It’s not without conflict though. I keep thinking how little I want to work for people who got rid of my job but then, I know if  do a good job, it can only help me get re-hired in another capacity.
  • My eyes are blurry and I read that is a product of week 33. Fun!
  • There is never enough water to be consumed – I am SO thirsty! – but when I drink, I feel full. Gross.


I’d like to say more profound things but my day has been exceedingly busy and my brain hurts.

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