Writer’s Workshop – Copy and paste

6. Open a blank blog post and “right click paste” in the body of the post…what was pasted? Explain it.

  What day and time would you like the party to start? Who is the party for and how old will they be turning?  How many total guests including adults will be in attendance?

I really figured that when I pasted, it would be some kind of feedback to students, since the last thing I remember doing yesterday was grading assignments. But no, I got this, which is part of an email from a local arcade. My middle boy, Isaac, is turning 13 in April and I had reached out to them to solidify his party. Last year, we were not able to pull something together for him. He really wanted to go ziplining at this local zoo but the kids he wanted to invite could never make it on the same day. I tried to rearrange it, do it in another month, but it never happened.

So this year, we looked into two entertainment places, one being way too expensive. So we’re ending up at this place called Hangar 38 and it’s pretty neat: arcade games and bowling and food, etc. He’s inviting about 5 people and his brother and sister of course. I hope it turns out well because I feel bad that he didn’t get it last year!

I am actually pretty proud of myself for getting ahead on it; even invited the other people, save for one. Here’s hoping my boy has a good birthday! Here’s a pic of him catching a fish yesterday. Not the best quality but it seemed a bit dark and his phone is old!

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Copy and paste

  1. It feels so good to plan things ahead of time and get everything in order. I’m usually a major procrastinator. I hope he has the best birthday ever!!

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