Friday Five – Just stuff

  1. I had a random memory last night, as I thought about my son. He’s on Spring Break so he and his friends are here, there, and everywhere: gym, the Springs, spending the night. He’ll come home to shower and grab new clothes but heads back out soon after. I remembered, however, one of my high school friend’s moms when we were living very similarly. We’d come in later one night and she sat on the couch watching TV, her large diet Coke long ago replaced with some kind of liquor, and got quite angry that he was not home very often. She said, “This isn’t a flop house; you can’t show up just to take food and sometimes sleep here.” And I thought she was pretty rude and not understanding but I kind of get it now. Elliot eats at home most of the time – or rather, he takes things from the fridge and pantry – and sleeps there more than half the time but it feels like he’s just…moved out. It’s rather odd. Now I know when school gets back in he’ll be back to relatively normal with a sleepover on Fridays maybe but I could see Summer looking a lot like this too. And that’s going to be weird.
  2. I was musing on our front desk guy this morning. That sounds weird, I know, but each Session we hire an OPS person to man the phone and help with bill transfers, etc. It’s usually a young person, eager to work for a short time, possibly before going to school. In our case, we hired Jack, who is going to Law school in the fall. It’s funny to me though, because I’ve noticed a good portion of the people in the office (and when I say people, I mean, the women. Granted, we only have three men and two of them are the big bosses) will chat with Jack. I see various ladies chatting him up and I have two thoughts on it: he’s young and good-looking so they either like that aspect OR they are inadvertently mothering him. Admittedly, I have had some conversations with him (I talk to him nowhere NEAR as often as others) but I am not REALLY aware of not doing anything that seems off-base. Did I ever mother him in any way? Not that I can tell, which then made me worried I’m not as motherly and nurturing as I thought! I try to treat him as an equal, even though he’s half my age. Funny though that at TCC, we hired a new desk guy for the learning commons and his name was also Jack and when I left that brief stint he’s one of only two people I was sad to leave. He and I talked a lot when it was slow.
  3. One of our admin assistants brought in all green things today: Sprite, green tea, sour cream and onion chips, donuts with green frosting. They love to celebrate even the smallest holidays here. Meanwhile, I didn’t wear a lick of green, nor will I be drinking any green beer. We drank last night and will tomorrow!
  4. We serve at a beer fest tomorrow that has previously not had homebrewers so it should be interesting. They’re trying to expand and I like it.
  5. I made a reservation for my birthday dinner but not until April 8th. We are going to The Huntsman and I have high hopes for it. It’s pretty expensive but you pay good money for good food right? We were supposed to go for our anniversary but that day did not go as planned so let’s see if we make it this time!

One thought on “Friday Five – Just stuff

  1. Happy St Patricks Day! *snark*
    I’ve had a handful of young coworkers and college tutor students. I often feel maternal toward them – some warrant it more than others.
    Your son reminds me of when my kids were the age where it seemed like they only came home to eat all the groceries and make messes.
    Have fun at the beer fest!

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