Random Wednesday – Rando thoughts today

  • No Hodgepodge this week so you get a mid-week random update. I’m… surviving. Session is in full swing so we are subject to the legislators’ whims. It’s a stressful time but also, a lot of waiting around. Then it’s “do it now!” a la Arnold in Predator. LOL.
  • I HATE award shows but I did watch the Oscars Sunday. Two reasons: I saw almost all the movies nominated for best picture and we watched the Film Threat stream instead of listening to it. I was glad for Short Round and for Brendan Frasier. I think they both deserved those awards.
  • I was surprised, however, when the guys from Daily Wire were not fans of Everything Everywhere all at Once. That movie was incredible. It was weird and crazy and poignant. I don’t care what folks say; I enjoyed it.
  • My eggs came back to the store. I call them mine because prior to the great egg crisis of early 2023, I think I was the only one buying them. They didn’t have many in stock, ever, but I liked them because they were brown, organic, and cost about $3.85. Then, as prices soared, people began buying my eggs and I could never get them. I noticed they’re back but a dollar more, which is still cheap compared to some. They’ll do in a pinch if I can’t get to Costco for their $7.85 18 count.
  • We finished watching The Last of Us, thank God. It wasn’t very good but once we start a season, we have to finish. I doubt I’ll watch the second one though.
  • Can’t get started today; I know I have some online work to do but there’s no bills coming in yet so it’s just waiting… and listening to Yacht Rock…and maybe writing here and there. Honestly, there’s no reason I couldn’t be writing a full on novel at this point.
  • It got cool again, which is probably our last hurrah here in North Florida. It was 46 this morning but supposed to be low 60s by day’s end.
  • In good news land, we figured out our pool pump problem. Weeks ago, it kept tripping the breaker when it came on. A friend of ours who does home repair said the breaker needed to be replaced so we did but that didn’t solve the issue. Then, we noticed that the filter dial (to turn it from working to backwash, etc) was leaking so we kind of thought that was interrupting something electrical. Ash replaced the gaskets, etc on that part but it still did it. SO THEN, the outlet next to the pool shed wasn’t working. Well, we got a pool guy out and – this was back when the pump actually still turned on – said the motor sounded fine; it probably was electrical. Finally got some guys out Monday and it turns out the box wasn’t working due to bad gfci port but then the pump issue was a break in the wire underground. Finally got that fixed and the pump is finally circulating water. That pool is probably disgusting now but we still have the cover on so that’s another fun thing I get to do!
  • We are serving beer in a neighboring city this weekend; their beer fest. We only attended it last year but this year they’re trying to branch out and have a few homebrewers. We’ll see how it goes; they are giving us a hotel room and stuff so that’s pretty cool.
  • Of course, that takes up a chunk of my weekend when I’d rather be catching up at home. Leaving the house at 7:15 and getting home at, well, 7:15 doesn’t get a lot of housework done!
  • I brought my battle jackets to work so I can sew on patches in the afternoons, when my eyes are sick of looking at a screen. So far, I’ve glued them on and will begin sewing soon.

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