Random Tuesday – Getting trip ready

  • We’re making our final push to be ready for our Mexico trip. I paid for airport parking, we’ve started laying out clothes, and Ash is building the itinerary. I was super nervous about this trip but am surprisingly zen about it right now.
  • I do keep worrying that we will forget something and it may not be as easy to find said item in a foreign country. And then? I found that they have a Wal-Mart. OF COURSE they have a Wal-Mart!
  • Not to keep harping on my work issues, but I did want to mention that my bosses did allow me to adjust my schedule to take a half hour lunch and leave 30 minutes early. Of course, I went to mention this to my direct supervisor and she was like, “Yeah, I talked to them about it and said I need you to have those hours.” At least they listen to her; me, not so much I guess.
  • I’m super busy today since it’s a short week for me so here are some randoms I found on the net and peace out!





6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Getting trip ready

  1. Just remember one thing, bottled water for everything. Even brushing teeth! The three times I have been to Mexico I have erred and paid for it after. Bottled water! Have fun!

  2. I concur with Maribeth – bottled water at all times! Make sure any drinks you get at bars and such are without ice, too – I’ve had friends get sick from the ice cubes (well, except those that were at resorts that had filtered water for everything, including ice…but better be safe than sorry!) I’m looking forward to reading all about your Mexico trip! 🙂

    Glad someone listed to someone about your hours so you can have that half hour – I worked at a place that allowed a half hour lunch so I could leave 30 minutes early…I loved that option for sure!

    Love your graphics – the first one cracked me up, and the Fall Bucket List is one I can adopt! 🙂

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