Sad: Happy as Rain: Sun

Work woes continue. I was spoken to by my office manager yesterday – in a non-disciplinary manner – about bringing my job expectations up to par. One of the reasons they were not quite in line is due to the fact that, by chance really, I took on an additional portion of work within the department and I have had trouble (in their eyes) meeting deadlines. Fair to say, I did struggle a little; it was all very new. I think I got it done pretty well but not 100%. So, I can concede that little bit. But I still hate change and to be called out on stuff so it made me feel quite demoralized.

My office manager is only trying to help every employee realize their best self for the work. I do get this and I believe she actually has our best interest at heart. But again, I hate being called out. I don’t make too many mistakes at work, you guys! I also think she’s being a little too strict to the point of making employees feel like they can’t even leave to go take a dump without being reprimanded. Maybe that’s just how I am interpreting it but I tell you what – she’d better watch it because I may file a complaint.

Today, I had to take Elliot into school for an end of season (rescheduled due to hurricane) cross country breakfast. I emailed one entire week ago about it and then forgot about it entirely. So I took him and even texted my office manager to remind her. THEN she told me she had not yet approved that leave. Like, are you kidding me? How much time in advance do I need to do shit? Also, I wasn’t not going to take my son just because they hadn’t emailed me back approving it. That’s bullshit, you guys.

I’m juuust about done with this place. I mean, let me work in peace! So the last two days I have spent time looking for other outlets – places where I can do good work and be appreciated and they might be flexible. For now, I have to just lay low and work.


To get myself from this funk, I am focusing on the weather. This morning was a driving rain, the kind that comes in blinding sheets so you can’t see the road. Somehow – perhaps because of the time I was driving in – it did not take me as long to get to work, even with the rain. But it was difficult nonetheless. However, the sun is starting to emerge and now the temperatures will drop. The low tomorrow should be in the 50s – just in time for my boys to have 8:30 AM football games!

With all the recent troubles, I really enjoy my weekends so much more. I used to love going to work and helping but with the new management organization, I dread it. I am disgruntled and ready to leave. So I’ll take solace in anything I can and plug away at my stuff, head down, mouth shut. I hate it but it will have to suffice. I need this job.

2 thoughts on “Sad: Happy as Rain: Sun

  1. Your boss is being a jerk, meaning she’s looking for a reason to get rid of you. It’s good you’re looking, and you might want to step it up a little. Yes, looking for a new job and trying to keep it quiet is a pain, and leaving a somewhat comfortable position for a new and unknown one is a little scary, but I think in this case “do unto others before they do unto you” is in order. Meanwhile, like you said, keep your head down and focus on the task at hand.

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