Vacation #1 recap

Vacations are nice but I never truly feel relaxed. I will say, I am very glad to be back in my office today, even if it is only for two days. We leave again Friday and sojourn north. Friday we were on the beach and this coming Saturday, we’ll be in the mountains!

SO, on Friday, I worked for a bit, loaded the car, then got the kids. We ate a quick meal and then drove down to meet Ash in Daytona where he’d been the whole week for a conference he helps run. I thought we’d actually be ON the beach that afternoon but we lost about 40 minutes on I-10 because of repaving. And when we got to the end of the backup, there was literally nothing going on. The worst kind of traffic!

BUT, we did go out to eat, drank some beer, and then watched a guy do a stunt trick show at our hotel. It was about 20 feet outside our room so how convenient was that?? Staying right on the beach has its serious perks.

On Saturday we walked to a place called Donnie’s Donuts, which you must go to if you’re in Daytona Beach. They hand make these crazy donuts that are better than anything you’ve ever had! We then got on the beach and had a great time. Not too hot, not too crowded, and good boogie boarding waves. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon but we went into the kids’ play area of the hotel and Elliot beat a bunch of 15 year olds at ping pong; lol. They couldn’t get over the fact that an 8 year old was beating them. He DOES play it every morning at camp.

Once the rain stopped, we walked to Sloppy Joe’s for dinner and then after, we went down the boardwalk and the kids rode a couple rides, played in the arcade, and we watched the fireworks. A very nice way to end the night.

Sunday morning we planned to be on the beach but the kids honestly didn’t want to. So we packed up and got on the road to Orlando. The hotel let us check in early – thankfully – so we got to play in the pool for a bit before going to Kobe for dinner. Loong days, we had.

SO, Monday we had to wait for Ash to run up the turnpike a bit to do some work and then we just barely caught the hotel shuttle to Sea World. I haven’t been since maybe 1994 so it definitely seemed unfamiliar and new. We got to feed sting rays, which I thought was the coolest thing. Have you seen the meme where they rename animals? I personally like to call them majestic sea flap flaps. And they do flap; I got soaked by one who came so close to the edge that it splashed. Sigh. Talk about animal interaction. We saw dolphins and the turtle trek 3d show, which was full on hippie mode but still cool. The penguin ride was kind of dumb but nice and cold inside. We had lunch and then went to the ride the kids really wanted to do: Journey to Atlantis BUT… it was closed. Sigh. They weren’t tall enough for the three coasters so this disappointed them even more. We ended up watching the sea lion show then we happened upon a Goose Island pavilion and the flight was only 10 bucks AND you got a glass. Best deal in the park! Ash and I both got one and then he took them back to check on Atlantis, which was working again.

After that we finally made it back to Shamu’s happy harbor, which was hard to find for some reason. That park is not exactly laid out in a smart manner. That place was neat; baby finally got to ride on stuff and they even had a fun little coaster for the boys. Even I went on it! We decided to go back to the hotel for a bit and eat dinner before going back for the One Ocean Shamu show. Because some hippie earth freaks think Blackfin was actually truthful, the show is going away and that makes me sad. I honestly don’t think they treat them that poorly and I also think having the show makes kids interested in animals, conservation, and marine biology. BUT, let’s not argue; the show was amazing, even though they didn’t have the fireworks that night. I was very glad we went; was very tired by the end of the day.

Yesterday we took the shuttle again but this time to Aquatica. It’s been quite a while since I went to a water park, that’s for sure. Didn’t like it at first because they were a little vague on rules about height restrictions, etc. But after a while, I think it redeemed itself with a very good small child area. They had a lot of slides and I was kind of impressed with how they WEREN’T too restrictive. Sometimes they go overboard with the rules for little kids. Anyway, by the time we left around 2;30, I was done with the sun for a while, as were the kids. It’s swim day at camp and neither boy wanted to do it today. LOL.

We’re very glad to be home but knowing I have to pack up again in a couple days, I am trying to be in the moment now. I’m making lists, doing work in the office, and pacing myself. I have to mow a VERY long lawn, do laundry, and get a few groceries. Why is vacation so difficult??

Tune in later for more vacation updates!

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