Writer’s Workshop – The smell of the sun

Hey hey, I’m gonna post on a Thursday. Go me!



2. Write a blog post inspired by the word: sunkissed



There’s something very ethereal about the smell after you’ve been to the beach. It’s a combination of sunscreen, the salt water, sand, and the way the sun has touched your skin.

About three years ago, I remember we went to the beach all day with a friend and his daughter. We had been drinking most of the day and once we came home and put the kids to bed (it was late) my husband and I promptly fell into bed. I hadn’t even showered. I remember how intoxicating the smell was; how sunkissed my skin smelled and felt. This memory has stuck with me like so many sensory moments. Smell plays such a huge part in my reminiscing. I have yet to replicate the exact way things smelled that way but I guess that’s what makes that day special.


I spent a huge amount of time looking for an image that exemplified this feeling but no one image would suffice. I have a Pinterest board for all my beach stuff and you can see it here: BEACH DREAMS.

By tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be on Daytona Beach. Our hotel is right on the ocean and I am finally allowing myself to get excited. It’s been a long week and I have a lot to do before I even get to the beach. But now that I have written about this memory and how the beach makes me feel, I cannot wait!


Sunrise last time I was in Daytona

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – The smell of the sun

  1. One of my favourite song lyrics is from a Kenny Chesney song, “Anything But Mine”, and he sings, “and I can feel the sting of summer on my skin”. I know that smell you’re talking about. The sunscreen, the sand, the water, the feeling of the sting of summer on my skin… jealous of your beach trip! Enjoy!!!

  2. I recently took my daughter to the beach for Memorial Day and she hadnt been there in years. Watching my baby run and play on the sand and in that water was beautiful. I cant wait to start writing about that experience. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love that smell you get after being at the beach all day. This mix of sunblock, the water, the sand and the sun just mixes together to create such a happy and comforting scent.

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