Random Tuesday – Wells, zoos, beer, and NOT on vacation anymore

Stacy Uncorked
  • SO, funny story; I’m supposed to be in Western New York right now but I’m typing up this entry from my kitchen table. Why, you ask? Well, the fist day of our road trip vacation – Friday – went as planned. We drove north up through Georgia, stopping at a little park to have sandwiches and use the playground. The stupid GPS did route us through Atlanta (i.e. it was SLOW going) but we still made Knoxville by dinner. They even had an El Chico there, my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. And their spinach enchiladas are still magnificent. So all was well. Until Saturday.
  • As we neared Ohio and had plotted our halfway stop, my father called and told me to imagine the worst possible scenario. My heart raced as I tried to drive and talk to him; MY worst imaginable outcome was that my 90 year old grandpa had died before we even got there. BUT NO.
  • NO, this old farmhouse is in the country, on a winding dirt road with about ten other homes and… the well ran dry. I.E. everyone on that street was effed in terms of usable water. The thing about us, though, is that we could leave, as we didn’t actually live there. The other folks on that street were hating life. So my family already there had to arrange plans to leave early and we simply never went. We up and turned around.
  • Not wanting the trip to be a total bust, we decided to go to Nashville, since it was the closest big city. One of my oldest friends lives there with her family so on a whim, I messaged her. It turned out really well: we managed to find a room in a fairly decent suite hotel and then went to Jamie’s to swim and eat sandwiches. We played with these little rockets in a field full of fireflies and all in all, everyone had fun.
  • The next day, we enjoyed the hotel breakfast and then went to the Nashville zoo. Nice little zoo; nothing special but still cute. It was a bit hot and I got the notion to search for “kid friendly breweries.” Sure enough, there’s a place called Tailgate beer and though it looks to be about the shadiest building, it was cool! They had an area for the taps and a place to make pizza and then another room where they had tables and board games and even a video game set up on a projector. So Ash and I got flights and the kids played and pizza was eaten. Good times.
  • We were tired in the afternoon and just hit up the store for dinner, which was a welcome break on ye old pocketbook as well. Since Nashville is on central time, Game of Thrones came on at 8 so we set the kids up on a laptop and Ash and I didn’t have to miss the season finale.
  • Monday we planned to go home and the drive was fairly uneventful. Stopped somewhere in Alabama and then we were home by about 5:45. My sister had flown to NY but they ended up renting a car to get home since it was a few days prior to their return trip. So she and her boyfriend stopped at our home for dinner before getting back to Central Florida. And that was also nice: burgers and fries. By the time everyone got in bed, I was done. Just done.
  • So today is all laundry and things in my house. We’ve had a busy month with solo-parenting rolling into a five day trip with two days in between before a four day trip that consisted of A LOT of driving. I hope to get back to normal here soon!


5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Wells, zoos, beer, and NOT on vacation anymore

  1. GPS sent you through the middle of Atlanta? Next time, remember I-285, also known as “the Perimater.” It bypasses the city and is a pretty smooth ride. I’m assuming, since you came from Florida and ended up in Knoxville (great town, by the way), you were on I-75. You could get off 75 outside of town on the south side and get back on north of town and save yourself time and aggravation.

    Soiunds like it was an okay trip, apart from the no water thing…

  2. Damn when I saw those words “worst imaginable” I thought someone had died, it is something I worry about when I go on holidays that my nan will die while we are away she is after all 95 and has Alzheimer’s, I am glad it was just a relative minor thing.

  3. Oh my heart just about stopped when you said “the worst…” so glad it was not THAT, but still terrible disappointment. Lovely how you all made the best of it and ended up having a good vacation in the end. I am officially two seasons behind on GOT now. Every single time I go to the movie place to rent Season 5 – it is out. We don’t get the show on our channels or on Netflix here in Canada, so I have to wait until next year too for Season 6. ugh! Every day I am avoiding spoilers like hot lava all over the web! LOL

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