Same $h!t, different day

I’ve got plenty to be working on but no motivation. Seems to be a theme lately. I am feeling that summer blah, where I want to take a vacation and/or just get away. We are going to the beach at the end of the month but it feels like a lifetime away. First, we have to get through this weekend, when my parents are coming through town.

On that note, the last time they were here – albeit briefly – my oldest son acted a fool and my mother irritated the ever-loving crap out of my husband. While he could have simply ignored her, I also see his side. She came to the new house and kept telling us what we should do, what we need to buy. That does get a little old. When someone moves into a new place, feel free to compliment things you like but don’t make them feel lesser because they haven’t decorated it the way you like. I don’t need a sleeper sofa. I’m not going to plant a garden in that one corner. Let me live my life!

Anyway, I am hoping their brief stay this time is not as fraught with annoyance.

Next, I have to get through the week wherein my husband will be at Expo. I talk about it every year and it’s no different this one except we won’t be headed to Orlando when it’s done. In some ways, it’s better. Saving money, not too much traveling, and when Ash gets back, he won’t be exhausted. Leaving Saturday and not getting home until the next Sunday always really wears on him. But when he’s away, I am worn too. It means I have to do everything and certainly makes me keenly aware of all that he does. He picks up the kids, he entertains them in the pool, he knows the setups to all the computers and gaming systems and TV.  Not to mention, when he’s around, I don’t have to be ON all the time, mentally. Because he is also there to mediate when the kids argue and make choices about stuff. It’s a good reminder to be thankful for all he does for us.

After that, we don’t have plans, as far as I know. My semester will end but the second part of summer becomes more busy in some ways and less in others. I always feel like there’s something very fun and special about summer. Just the sound of the word evokes a kind of freedom and enjoyment. Yes it is hot, but we have A/C and the pool. But the sunsets are amazing, that sun stays up longer, and since I get my energy from said sun, I myself feel more alive. I love this time of year and I try to bask in it, because soon enough, I’ll transition into Fall mode and think about autumn leaves, cozy things, and how different life will feel in the new house in this season. We have a fireplace and I cannot wait!

All that said, I have felt a renewed sense of work, ethic so I was able to move on and get stuff done. So, yay for success!

2 thoughts on “Same $h!t, different day

  1. Oh, those younger years. Yes, the times were crazy busy, my parents drove me crazy, especially my Mom. She seemed to have a gift for it! Now I am settling into my “elder” years, and my parents are gone, and life doesn’t have the stresses they once had. Just different ones. And as I read, I thought to myself, oh boy, I must remember to keep my mouth shut so my daughter isn’t stressed like this about me. Yes, Summer! I love it too. And trust me, in the Autumn, you will love that fireplace!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yeah it’s difficult to navigate those family issues without hurting feelings! I always thought my mom was very understanding but there have been times when I went to her to express a concern – as nicely as possible – and she cops out, saying “I’m sorry you see it this way.” And it’s disappointing because I’d really like to just talk it out!

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