Friday Five – Baseball, rain. beach

Five Thoughts:

  1. It’s rainy. And I am tired. And aggravated. Oh, happy Friday! (Not) No, it’ll be fine. I have to buckle down and grade and then the boys’ school is having a big picnic. Weather doesn’t bode well for said picnic but I will go.
  2. One day at a time over here; My is so busy and I literally had to make a day by day list of each task I must accomplish. It feels good to get back to list-making. I had actually gotten out of the habit.
  3. We went to the FSU/Miami baseball game last night. It was delayed due to rain and then had a delay after the second inning because of lightning. We ended up leaving around 9:30, in the 5th inning. But we got our value, our three beers (they limit you) and besides, we were celebrating because…
  4. My husband won his lawsuit! We (and technically Geico) were being sued for an accident he was in in 2010 and it finally went to trial and justice finally prevailed. There are some real scumbags in this world and it’s nice to know that if they try to take all your money because they don’t know how to get a job or take care of themselves, they will not be rewarded.
  5. This weekend comprises of (hopefully) a day of nothing tomorrow – outside of house things – and then the beach on Sunday. The rain should be gone by then. I am excited and nervous, since I have to pack accordingly. But it will also be really nice to unplug and get away for a bit!

Five Photos:


This was what I ate yesterday: biscuits with gravy and a fried egg, that I put over them there grits. SO SO good.



We don’t look amazing but here we are at the baseball game.




We actually had seats closer but we moved up to sit next to Ash’s boss and under the huge fans, which was nice.




Night ball is the best




This photo doesn’t do the storm justice; the sky was SO dark.

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