Random Tuesday – Baseball ending, sun burns, and random entertainment

Stacy Uncorked
  • Why yes, I did skip Monday blogging. Why, you ask? I got into work, ate my Dunkin’ Donuts veggie egg white wake up wraps, and pretty soon after ran up to the school for Elliot’s honor roll ceremony. He finally got all As! He had all As and one B all year and he finally bumped that English grade up to a solid 90. Woot! I figured it was worth going to the ceremony then.
  • I am dealing with the fallout of my dumb choices on Sunday: I started with 15 spf bronzer and then soon after used 70 spf but still… I burned. Luckily, my kids are ok. I reapplied often. Oh, btw, we went to the beach. Good times! It was a great day there and I am glad we went. I will say, I was a little obsessive about beaches and beach anything a couple summers ago – I don’t know why – but now I feel like I always did before: it’s fun and nice but not the amazing get-away I revered it as that one summer. Maybe I was super stressed then and needed a reprieve.
  • What I’d really like to do is go to Disney. I have been watching this youtube channel (and maybe I mentioned this?) where these two folks go to Disney and the surrounding areas all the time and really, I love their channel and since I lived in Orlando for a few years, it’s nice to feel like I know a little more about what they film. They film their normal lives sometimes too and I just like them. I have watched some of their youtube friends’ channels too but they don’t have the same special something (je ne sais quoi, if you will). I just like these people as people. Ha ha. And sometimes it makes me think I’d like to film stuff but then I think, I don’t want that responsibility to post all the time. Blogging is enough!
  • I know I keep complaining about everything I have to do but man, this month is nutty! Isaac has an activity each day in this final week so I have to keep on top of anything he has to take to school. I have to make sure I send the teachers’ gifts with my children. It’d be crappy to forget! My parents come into town Friday and we’re all going to Elliot’s last baseball game and then to dinner with the team. I’m kind of sad to see it end; even though we had games twice a week and it’s getting pretty hot, I do like baseball. It’s been really fun this season!
  •  I’m gonna bail on the Tuesday Chat because I’ve really got to buckle down on grading but happy Tuesday and may your day be easy!

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