Weekend recap – No MMMM and another trip around the sun

That’s right: yesterday was my birthday. Because I don’t yet worry about age (and hell, I may never) I turned 37. But let’s backtrack. I meant to get a lot done Friday but I straight up did not. And then the rain started. I picked up my kids in the rain. We had dinner while a storm blustered outside. We watched episodes of The Middle. The rain continued right through Saturday and on into late Sunday night and that is pretty much why  – I realized Sunday afternoon – I felt like garbage.

It wasn’t all bad. We did our typical Saturday stuff like bacon, eggs, and biscuits and cleaning around the house. But other than that, we pretty much felt trapped by the bad weather. I was not having it whatsoever so we decided to do my birthday dinner a day early. We sojourned to Red Robin because I wanted a burger dammit. And I will say, my family was well-behaved. I had beer, we played trivia, and all in all, a very good time.

Sunday was dominated by Easter stuff: the kids seeing their baskets (and acting like it wasn’t enough; this holiday is NOT Christmas, darn kids.) We typically hide eggs for them in the yard. They like the thrill of the hunt. But since it rained, we did it inside. It was still fun but just not the same level of excitement.

As the day wore on and my kids got more annoyed and frustrated by not being able to go outside, the more disillusioned I became with everything. I pretty much ended up yelling at my kids to stop yelling and then going in my room. I haven’t been in such a bad mood in I can’t tell you how long. Sigh.

BUT, today brings a wee bit of sun – I could some more, to be honest – but at least it’s dry. I wish I had brought some of the multitude of chocolate we have in our house right now to my office. That would have made my afternoon so much more bearable. I have papers to grade – as always – and I’m tired.

But there you have my weekend of doom  birthday festivities… and rain.

4 thoughts on “Weekend recap – No MMMM and another trip around the sun

  1. I also have no problem with saying how old I am, I’m 53 having a birthday means we are not dead because being dead would suck well I think it would as we wouldn’t be with our loved ones, but at the same time we will be with our love ones that have already passed away, just my thought

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