Friday Five – Rainy rain go away

Five Thoughts:

  1. It’s so dreary today and since I have a million and one things to accomplish, this is going to make it very difficult. I am going to have to muster the energy and motivation to do it all. But I have a long to-do list and I love working from lists. Also, I have coffee that was free – Birthday gift from Dunkin’ – so that makes me happy happy.
  2. Dakota’s preschool is closed today for Good Friday so she and Ash get to spend the day together. It’s good for them. He might be dreading the eventual daddy/daughter dances but for now, he can handle one little girl.
  3. I just got the most random call. A woman called to ask if her sentence was correct. LOL. Now, we do get this in the English department because people like to reach out instead of googling. But she said she was writing a letter to her ex-husband who was retiring and she had a sentence about how he always provided for her and her daughters. I had to have a bit of a moment there too.
  4. I just remembered that we still haven’t done our taxes. I’m not sure what this says about us: not in a hurry to get money we’ll just be saving? Or are we just lazy?
  5. I actually hope that it isn’t raining this afternoon because I could really stand to run. On top of that, my friend asked if I wanted to do to this Bodypump thing with her on Tuesdays. It’s mostly weights, strength-training. I could really use this so I am a bit excited but it’s another thing I have to build into my schedule!

Five Photos:




The three tree tattoos I am considering


The hottest rock star in the world and… a gif for emphasistumblr_nt1e4qAlWG1uxejeko1_500:

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