Friday five – OK, I have time to blog

  1. I didn’t think I’d bang out a post today because I have papers to grade before I leave for the day around 11 but I am almost done and my brain needs a break. I’m watching the Iron Maiden En Vivo concert on youtube and churning through journal entries for my class. I’d say I am balancing my life fairly well.
  2. I had a very random thought at 4:25 am. When I got my appendix out, they warned that I might have weird gas bubble feelings in my torso because of the process of being cut open and all that. I did and it was awful. Now, three years later, about once every two months, I get that same feeling. It’s probably my eating habits but what if it has to do with that surgery?
  3. Def Leppard tickets went on sale today and they’re playing in Orlando on May 20th. I have half a mind to just buy them and not worry about the money. I think I could convince my sister to go with me but oy; it’d be almost 300 bucks. Should I do it? You only live once.
  4. This has been a week that left my brain feeling entirely too mushy. I am dropping the ball here and there; I can barely stay on top of things. Do you have those times? I can only do so much before I just drop out. I feel like I need 30 hours of sleep. Or a coffee IV.
  5. Next week is Spring Break for the college students. Since I don’t just teach but work here full time, I have to still go to work but at the same time, that’s a really nice break. It’ll be quiet and I can get through stuff; specifically, book orders. I am somehow looking forward to this!

Five Photos:

Ok, I’m gonna cheat and post a video. Maybe this isn’t your kind of music. Maybe someone in your past has told you that Iron Maiden is Satanic. (lol; that’s such a joke. They’re a bunch of marshmallows.) But I implore of you, listen to this song. If you need a reminder to go live your life, this is it.

I honestly don’t have any other pics to share; it’s just been THAT kind of week. My kids were crazy, we didn’t have a lot of free time, and I’ve been out of it. SO, next week, I promise actual pics.

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