Friday 5 – First time here

I read Emmy Mom’s blog all the time but I’m finally going to partake in this. I am SUPER busy but hey, why not find a distraction?

Five Thoughts:

  1. I am NOT an Apple person. I have many reasons for being Android4Lyf (that I won’t go into lest we start a tech fight here) but I have to admit that the ipod touch is the only good mp3 player. That said, I have a 2nd gen one and it’s starting to show its age. I am thinking about passing it down to the boys and getting a refurbished 4th gen one from the manufacturer. I’d love to have a new thing but the 100 bucks is stressing me out. Should I do it?
  2. Elliot is finally getting his birthday sleepover tonight with Addy and Peyton. Originally, he wanted to invite this other friend of his from school but the mom straight up ignored me. I would have liked for her to politely decline but eh, what can I do?
  3. I think I might be getting sick. I feel ok right now but my throat is a bit scratchy and I ache all over. Real good going into a weekend with a sleepover, football practice, and entertaining people + NFL Sunday. All I can think about are tea and pajamas. And a hot bath.
  4. You know those suggested posts on Facebook? You know those monthly box subscriptions? I just saw one for this: It looks amazing! I might look into it and see what the terms are of cancellation and I may try it for a bit. I love swag like that!
  5. There’s a geocache behind a donut shop right near campus and I was going to go hunting for it on lunch today but I am too busy. Also, mid-day is high muggle traffic (cachers call non-cachers who might see you “muggles”; yes, stolen from HP.) But maybe next week I’ll go find that one.

Five Pictures:

Tea time:



Storm coming:IMG_20140911_155037


Two of my guys at Pizza Hut:IMG_20140829_184016


That awful bump I told you Isaac got:IMG950064


A lot that has had a forest of pines on it forever. Like, these were old trees when my parents went to college here in 1970. The owners were known for saying they’d never sell but sadly, something has happened and they did. It’s becoming another retail place. I’m sad about this.20140910_191059

3 thoughts on “Friday 5 – First time here

  1. Oh that bump is awful, poor little guy. And of course I will say yes you should upgrade, but I am also a total Apple fan. That storm picture is cool! Thanks so much for linking up glad you did 🙂

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