Low commitment weekend + MMMM

That’s right, I had very few obligations this weekend. On Friday, I left work feeling amazing. I felt thin (thanks, T25!) and Ash and I were slated to do our workouts before going to lunch and a movie. We worked out and at the end, I missed a call. OF COURSE, it was daycare and BG had a fever. We got her, went to Longhorn, then to Costco. She took a good nap and so did we. Well, we started watching 13 Assassins, which was pretty cool – an actual Japanese movie and they didn’t hold back.

Ell had an evening game and after everyone went to bed, we finished the movie. Saturday morning, I decided that after breakfast, the whole family was going to go room by room and clean up their stuff. It worked! Every room was tidied up and let me tell you, there was A LOT of clutter. I got some other cleaning done then started on the lawn. Once that arduous task was complete, we were off to Sonny’s. We were kind of early so only old people were there but the nicest thing happened. An older lady (maybe even close to 70) stopped by our table and told us that our children were not only beautiful but well-behaved. It was kind of amazing since I personally thought they were a little loud but that was great. I was so proud of them for earning that compliment! We picked up the edger attachment for the weed whacker then kind of hung around in the afternoon until it was time to drop Ell off at his buddy’s house.

I was only a slight bit worried about his first sleep-over. Ell always rises to the occasion – he knows what to do when a situation arises. So in the end, he was just fine. They watched LOTR instead of Jaws, which had been the discussion. Addy watched it last week and got scared at the pool and I warned Elliot that it was nigh impossible to watch that movie without being scared. I am so glad they didn’t! I don’t shy away from showing the boys certain things (they’ve seen Commando!) but Jaws scarred me for a long time as a kid and I think he can wait a little while longer.

Sunday was also relaxed – meals at home, more yardwork, etc. BG still sported the fever, which spiked as high as 102.7, but she seemed to feel fine. I’m home with her today because at 4 AM, she was still burning but, but the fever seems to be gone today. She’s a little tired but ok otherwise. It’s not bad staying home on a Monday. Sure, I have work to do but it’ll get done, probably during her afternoon nap. We’re meeting Ash for dollar tacos but then I’m going to return the incompatible edger and getting the right one and probably some resistance bands. We begin Beta T25 today (5 weeks down, 7 pounds lost). I’m actually watching the infomercial right now and feel so glad that I started this thing. I feel better, my legs have toned up like crazy and well, seven pounds is a good start! I think Beta will really ramp up my weightloss and toning so here’s hoping.


This week’s theme is women from the 60s-80s


Let’s start with someone whose songbook is larger and better than you’d think.

and here’s another 80s girl band that my dad seemed to love:

and one from the 80s:

4 thoughts on “Low commitment weekend + MMMM

  1. I totally agree with Callie Girl there lowkey is the way to go sometimes girlfriend! Luvin’ your tunes here. You totally rocked the house! You can never go wrong with Tina! Thanks for joining us! πŸ™‚

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