Random Tuesday – Summer, Storm, Shaun T



  • Like most of you, I can’t believe it’s July. My desk calendar yesterday said something to the effect that 1/3 of the summer and long lingering days were gone, so I should take advantage of every moment. Kind of puts things into perspective; how often do we really sit down and make a conscious effort to be in the moment and really appreciate the now? 7d384985ec56dd7cdbeda4f8c57c330e
  • I am going to make sure I do that today: appreciate what I have: the kids, a comfortable house, enough money, and a great husband.
  • Speaking of, I am trying to figure out a way to take him out Saturday night for his birthday. Nothing fancy, maybe just a quick dinner and Transformers. What I need to find, however, is a babysitter.
  • Do you know about these Derecho storms? I just learned that this was a thing yesterday. I mean, I understand sudden stormfronts  but never knew there was a term.6c568a01829b5239678c40cc559270f3
  • I swear that happened the other night: it rained for, like, 10 minutes then stopped and when I went outside, I could see a clear definition between clear sky and the storm. Crazy; nature is crazy.
  • Did I tell you that I finally figured out what that mystery plant is? Remember I was complaining that I kept seeing it around but didn’t know what it was called? Well, I emailed the director of FSU’s nurseries and they kindly replied with a whole bunch of info on what it is: “The plant is called Dyckia  ‘Cherry Coke’-it is a rare plant from Brazil with bronze-colored leaves. When grown in full sun, the leaves take on a striking burgundy or wine-red color that definitely looks like cherry cola!”  Problem solved!
  • You know how that huge company Monsanto is “bad” and people should supposedly boycott it? Yeah, though I agree with being anti- big corporations taking over, have you seen the list of foods not to buy? That’s, like, half my pantry/fridge. I just don’t have it in me to a.) fork over money to buy the other brands and b.) keep on top of the no-buy items. I mean, I’m pressed for time as it is; I’m going to put a Lean Cuisine in my bag just for the sheer ease of it. It’s like how I say I won’t shop at Wal-mart but I will… if I can’t find it anywhere else. I don’t make a point of going there but hell, if it’s there and cheap, I’m doing it. Morals be damned.
  • I lost another two pounds, I realized, as I weighed myself on Sunday. That nine down since I began T25. You have to imagine I have gained muscle; my legs are ridiculous and my obliques? They’re there! I mean, I still have baby flab in the front by there’s definitely muscle underneath now. Shaun T is kicking my ass into gear!744fae1ea56ce91265f236b0819bcd63


One thought on “Random Tuesday – Summer, Storm, Shaun T

  1. I excited, we get to start swimming next week–the boys are in lessons and we get to lap swim while they are occupied. Have to admit, I need it.

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