Random Tuesday – Linky on hiatus but I’ll still randomize

So while Stacy works out her home buying situation, she’s got the linkup on hold. But why not still use bullets? I like bullets.

  • I helped a senior get into a couple courses and to thank me, he gave me a couple coupons to a place my kids love to eat. I’m not that fond of it but that was such a kind thing he did. Some days I see things like that and am reminded that not everyone/everything in this world is crappy.
  • About an hour later, a girl came in to drop a class and get into another and was completely rude. The window for doing so is passed but she assumed I would just do it for her. She didn’t ask nicely; only assumed I would help her no matter how she spoke to me. I don’t know if she thought I was younger than I am but she certainly didn’t respect my age or authority. Some students…
  • BUT, I got an email on Sunday from a student from my last online course that was so touching, I couldn’t even believe it. He was a shy kid with no self-confidence, he said, but my encouragement gave him the  strength he needed to succeed in class and in life. THOSE emails are why I do this, guys.
  • I am rereading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. Some day, I really would like to hike part of the Appalachian Trail. Though, he does include some bits about people being murdered. But, the numbers are really low. And I would never walk it alone!
  • I ran four miles on Sunday and I am still kind of sore today. It feels pretty good to get back to it though, even if I will half to take another two weeks off after the surgery.  The run sucked pretty much the entire time, but it reminded me why I like running: no matter how bad my life is, running is worse!
  • It’s another gray rainy day here in North Florida and I am over this garbage. They say it’ll be cold again once the rain moves on; not excited about that either. I’m telling you: it gets cold and I don’t want to do a thing. The only reason I stayed in motion yesterday was because we all went to Target soon after getting home, then went out for Mexican. But by 9, I was snoozing on the couch again. However, Baby Girl slept all night so that was pretty awesome.
  • Any suggestions as to how to get past that mid-evening slump? If I can somehow push through, I’ll stay up until about 11 and then get more uninterrupted sleep.
  • I have to walk across campus now and teach 22 18 year olds how to write an essay that will both baffle and amaze them. Weeeee!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Linky on hiatus but I’ll still randomize

  1. The evening hump gets Nick more often than not. I push myself to stay awake because if I go to sleep too early, insomnia comes to visit at the inconvenient time of 2-3 am.

  2. I find evenings so hard sometimes to get through – I have to get up and keep busy, even though the desire to sit and watch TV or read is so strong. That’s when I tend to doze off, so I make myself go for a walk, do dishes, laudry… anything to keep me up for those hours between 7-9 pm! lol!
    If only people realize that smiles and politeness will go so much further in getting them what the want and/or need. I’m glad you have enough “good guys” to make your profession worthwhile!!

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