MMMM + Rainy/Sunny weekend

I’m still waiting for the coffee to run through my system and wake me up. I chose a bold Italian roast k-cup this morning but still. I foresee a Starbucks trip later on. Have you had the new caramel flan latte? I haven’t but am itching to try it.

Let’s see, the weekend. Well, Friday night, Elliot went to a friend’s house right from school so the rest of us kind of hung out until Ash left to go play cards. I made Isaac some dinner and around 7:45, we picked up Elliot. I was so proud of him; he normally moans and complains about having to end his time with a friend but he was good. I think he was so tired, he didn’t care. The boys went to bed so willingly, it was insane. I got the baby to sleep and the boys in bed without missing much of the new episode of Bones. Go mom!

Saturday brought a huge storm all over the Eastern portion of the US. We had a birthday party out at the Junior Museum but luckily, they had planned for it to be indoors. The kids had fun. They saw and pet the snakes and baby alligator and they had a pinata. Luckily, they also served pizza so the adults count that as a free meal. Woot! We napped briefly, went to Costco and Publix and then I kind of ruined the evening. See, I got Elliot a cool FSU necklace. We have a star system and the boys have to earn 15 in a two week period to get something. Well, I decided to be the one to buy the prize this time and I put the box above the star chart so he would earn his stars. And he did. So he got the necklace right before we went to Costco and by the time we got home, it had started to unravel at one end. I cu the string and Ell asked me to unclasp it. I told him to wait one minute while I put frozen stuff away and instead, he went to Ash, who tried to pull it over his head and broke it. I was livid. The one time I tried to be the gift-bearer, they go and break it. I should have been more calm in my reaction but he’d had it, like, two hours! Well, I emailed the company I bought it from and they are going to send a replacement. I am hoping that one was just a lemon. Anyway, I was pretty mad all evening but I had to let it go. It wasn’t worth it.

Sunday morning we all woke around the same time, 7, and Ash went to run his 22 miler. That’s the longest one of the marathon training. The weather was beautiful: sunny cool and clear. I started cleaning and doing laundry then the kids and I went to get groceries. We had sandwiches for lunch but since we went to Fresh Market, I got a big turkey/havarti/cranberry one. And their lemon orzo salad. SO good. I ran four miles in the afternoon, which was hard because my breathing was awful. I forget how quickly that part deteriorates. I hadn’t run more than three miles since before I got pregnant!. Yeah, that was, what, November 2012! I ran a 10k in November, then found out I was pregnant. Then of course this past Fall I trained for a 5k. The four miles were ok but I am a little sore today.

This week will be busy work-wise but also, I have a pre-op appointment Wednesday morning then I have my surgery on Friday. Joy. /eyeroll.



This week we have the theme of songs that played during key moments in your life. I think I may have shared some of these before in a similar vain but here we go.

I’m using this one because it is when I started liking music. I grew up in a time when Mtv was just emerging and my dad watched it A LOT. This was one of the first songs I really chose to love on my own.

Here’s a song I loved, again, on my own, around 5th grade. It reminded me of when I started being able to ride my bike all over the neighborhood and see my friends.

The summer between 8th and 9th grade, I went to Canada with my friend, Tracy. There, we swam in the lake and met boys and had a great time. This song was one of our favorites then. WARNING: Explicit lyrics on this one.

In middle school a befriended a guy – let’s call him Gepetto, for that was his nickname – who got me more interested in music like Fleetwood Mac. We drove around town in his classic Lincoln Mark V listening to the likes of FM, Chicago, and Steely Dan.

And here’s a song that marked the start of my relationship with my now husband.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Rainy/Sunny weekend

  1. NKOTB!!! that brings back some great memories. I actually saw them in concert when I was in high school. Yes. I just admitted that. Ha. They did a great show, what can I say? and I still love Donnie Whalberg. 🙂
    Gypsy – fantastic song.

  2. Before I headed into Rock, I had time with NKOTB and Tiffany. Some of the first music that I liked that wasn’t in my mom’s record collection.

  3. You put up some excellent music this morning. David Lee Roth and Fleetwood Mac are songs associated with my early to mid 20s. I was never a fan of Guns and Roses or NKOTB so I can’t say for sure when these songs came out, so I have no emotional ties to these tunes. It’s funny how a song from a certain period of your life just shouts at you when it comes across the air, as if to say, “Hey, you were dealing with this in your life…!” Thanks for sharing songs that note key moments in your life!

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