Random Tuesday – Asleep at the wheel


If it’s not one thing, it’s another

  • It’s already one of those days: we have a random phantom smell in our house, I spilled Isaac’s yogurt drink when we got to daycare, and I am all flustered but have a ton of things to do today, including a doc appointment for Baby D in an hour.
  • So the weird smell: kinda smells like burning hair. I first smelled it on Sunday and it was concentrated to this area in my hallway. This is good in one way because it’s not near an outlet or anything else. So I am assuming it is in the A/C ducts or the crawlspace. The funky thing about it is that is seems to be moving. This morning, it’s more in our back bathroom and not in the hallway at all. What I am worried about is that it may be rats. My neighbours recently ousted a whole nest from their shed. What if they’re now in my attic-type area?
  • I also hope it isn’t some kind of smoldering wiring up there; our new insulation is flame retardant.
  • Or it might be some wounded animal, limping all over our crawl space. I went home after the dr. and it smelled in the kitchen but nowhere else. UGH.
  • Oh, also? Baby girl gained 2 pounds since her last appointment but she is still under weight. Doc says start her on rice cereal but that’s too early! All my kids were small, granted, but now I am all stressed.
  • A conversation between myself and my sister: ME: I bough the boys camo hats. HER: Camel hats? For hump day? ME: No, camo hats… for HUNT day. LOL? Guess you had to be there.
  • On Saturday, I found a 10 dollar bill on the ground when  I was at the mall.
  • I would really like that kind of luck to show up in other areas of my life.
  • What I really need is a “snow day” for my life. Just one. Just ooonnnee day for meeeee.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Asleep at the wheel

  1. I hate it when there is a smell and don’t know what is causing it, worse when I am the only one who can smell it and Tim just goes what smell…………very frustrating.

    My eldest was on rice cereal from 6 weeks of age because she would not settle and wanted to be fed every 45-60 minutes and it was to much for me and stressed me out too much so she was fed “Farex” from 6 weeks.

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