MMMM + What DID I do this weekend?

Hmm, let’s see. They let us go early on Friday so I went and perused the Goodwill book store. Got about 5 books for 11 bucks Sweet deal! The kids don’t mind that they’re used, I can tell you that. Hell, my kids get excited about dollar garage sale toys. I think this means I have done something right. Anywho, I picked up the kids after ( a bit early) and went home. Ash also got home early and he ran and we had dinner and pretty much just hung around.

I was in a pretty bad mood on Saturday, but I don’t know why. Elliot and I ran a good 3 miles, I was getting cleaning done, and we went to a birthday party for the kids. But I was still whiny. Oh well; sometimes we all get that way. I slept on the couch for about 40 minutes then Ash and I watched some Breaking Bad. Someone told me they didn’t like season 4 that much but I can’t see why; it’s pretty awesome! Sunday was much better for me. The kids and I went to church (the week before when we didn’t, they were all “hey, howcome we didn’t go?”, so I had to go this week.) and I did laundry and cleaning. I also managed to get to the store to buy the rest of my Thanskgiving prep stuff. We got out 16 pound bird sometime last week and he is happily thawing in my fridge as we speak. My mom’s bringing a small honey ham and pre-making the sage butter for the turkey. I think she’s also making a Martha Stewart mash (look ’em up; they sound funky but taste great!) and I am doing the rest. I am trying not to stress too much!

I work Monday and Tuesday and only part of Wednesday this week; the younger kids have a half day Wednesday but Ell’s off that whole day. I’m looking forward to this week but I know it will also be crazy busy!




My buddy, Vandy, has picked high school songs/songs you listened to in H.S. this week, which is a good theme before it’s all holiday, all the time.

In the early 90s, when I was in middle schooland a high school freshman, I was a huge Guns and Roses fan.

Then I moved to Orlando and the Counting Crows’ first album came out; I saw them in concert!

But I was still really into grunge:

And by the end of high school (around ’97) I had found classic rock:


7 thoughts on “MMMM + What DID I do this weekend?

  1. I never considered myself a Guns ‘n Roses fan, but I do like November Rain – very pretty. Although, I do like a variety of music types I think of myself as a classic rock gal I suppose. So, you know I love Fleetwood Mac – Dreams is a great tune to dance to this week on Monday’s Music Moves Me.

    As I’m sitting around the table Thanksgiving Day, I’ll be counting my many blessings which includes my blog buds such as you! Have a good time with your family!

  2. I am a classic rock gal but do enjoy these too.
    My kids must be about your same age. lol
    Great stuff and one new one for me too which is amazing.

  3. I was never really into grunge–I was just a bit older and more into late 80s rock, Bon Jovi, Guns-n-Roses, Poison, etc. Loved November rain my freshman year of college.

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