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**I added this meme to a link-up website but that owner will be taking it down soon. 😦 Let’s try to spread the word about our Wednesday link-up. Tell your friends about us!** 


Answer these as best you can:

1.) Do you have any sort of special or weird Thanksgiving traditions?

2.) Canned cranberry sauce or actual stuff?

3.) Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie?

4.) Football or parades? (Or both?)

5.) Do you put up Christmas (etc) decorations as soon as Thanksgiving is over?


1. We definitely don’t have any weird traditions but there are a couple things we always did. My grandmother on my mom’s side always let me break the wishbone with her.  If we went to my dad’s parents’ house, all the kids were sent out to collect pecans from the grounds surrounding their  property. We also always went to a trailer in the country to get fireworks for cheap (This IS Alabama we’re talking about.)

2. Personally, I like the canned stuff a lot, but have had some very good whole berry sauces.cranberry-sauce-Zipongo

3.) I’ve had a good sweet potato pie but I prefer pumpkin. I do, however, prefer a graham cracker crust. If it’s a traditional pie crust, I tend to simply eat the filling.Creamy_Two-Layer_Pumpkin_Pie
4.) Football of course! BUT, I do love the parade. I’m usually too busy at that time though to really watch. I remember watching the Macy’s Day parade with my grandma as a kid. She love parades!images
5.) I used to wait until some time in the first week of December to put up decorations but I’ve been getting earlier and earlier. Especially if we’re going out of town, I’ll want them up to enjoy for long as possible. Below: putting my monkeys to work.8217066156_2f39b35715_c

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