Friday Confessions – This and that; 3 day weekend

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I confess…  I fell asleep at 8 o’clock last night! I just felt worn down. The kids were just about ready for bed and I wasn’t sure which of us was planning to put them to sleep but then I woke up an hour later and they were gone.  I felt even worse after sleeping; almost like I’m coming down with something. I got up and took a bath and felt ten times better. And today, I feel fine.

I confess… I am., once again, stuck on a Candy Crush level. I am mindlessly playing it over and over, in hopes I get lucky one of these times. I am getting a little tired of it though. I did get Plants vs Zombies 2 so I have an alternative.

I confess… I’m thinking about picking up Bonefish tonight. Mmmm… Bang Bang shrimp tacos…

I confess… I was kind of sad when they announced that Charlie Hunnam had opted out of the 50 Shades movie. I hated the book but I’d see the movie. He’s been replaced by Jamie Dornan:tumblr_mvqv2aefMD1s32id8o1_500


I approve.

I confess… I kind of hope they let us go early today, since it is a three day weekend (for most folks.) I am thinking we might go to the Vet’s day parade and/or the fair on Monday.

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