Friday Confessions –

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I confess… This week totally kicked my ass. It was the start of a new school session, I had a ton of grading to do, and things kept popping up. I am just really glad that today is Friday.

I confess… I didn’t get around to commenting on many blogs this week so I apologize to all the folks who play along with the Wednesday WWTK meme who I ignored. I’m sorry!

I confess… I’m annoyed that 50 Shades… is going to be a movie I thought that piece of garbage went away. Ugh.

I confess… I have this sinking feeling that I have forgotten to do something important. I don’t know what it is!

I confess… I don’t believe – for one SECOND – that race is not a factor in the George Zimmerman trial. It may not be THE factor, but it plays a part. I highly doubt Zimmerman would have tracked down a white boy. I don’t think it was solely out of race=based biases; I think he thought of every young kid wearing a hoodie as a “punk up to no good”. It will be very interesting to see how this trial plays out. I don’t know why I get so involved in these things!

I confess…my office is a complete and total mess! It is my goal today to at least clean my desk before I leave today. I will feel so much better when I come in on Monday if I do!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions –

  1. I’ve been feeling like I’m missing something too. Something big. It’s nagging at me and I don’t know what it is. Maybe just my crazy brain.

  2. I get that same feeling more often than not that I am forgetting something big or important. I’ve been having to write everything down lately so that I remember it! My memory hasn’t been functioning correctly ha ha. Hope you figure out what it is!

  3. Super glad today is friday! Mine has nothing to do with school, but I’ve used up all of my patience at work and am starting to feel stabby. lol

    I have never read 50 Shades, thank god, but I feel like it might just be a porno?

  4. I didn’t bother reading “50 Shades”. The juvenile “Hey, this book has lots of SEX” hype was annoying. Reminds me of those kids in middle school who thought they were cool for using profanity near a teacher. But, regardless, I hate how nearly every book is being turned into a movie now.

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