MMMM + OK weekend; nothing special

A little slow to begin today but I have a pretty good outlook on my week and this month; welcome to July! Can you even believe that? June went pretty quickly; it was fun, but had its bad moments too. Still looking for a replacement third job, lol. ANYWAY, my weekend, let’s see…

On Friday, Ash and I ventured to our new Texas Roadhouse. I believe we ate at one in Arizona once but I can’t remember what I had. This time I just got a sirloin and mashed potatoes. They had some decent lunch deals and some of their early dining deals seem good but I don’t know if we’d go just any old time. The steak was really tender though. We then went to see Monsters University,  because it was the only movie playing at a good time. I had heard it was just so-so but both of us quite enjoyed it. Prequels can be tricky; your audience already knows where things end up so you have to  make your story count. Got the boys and waited a bit before meeting some friends for dinner. Some friends of ours who moved about 6 months ago were back in town so we met them and some other folks at a local Mexican place. I wasn’t feeling too hot but we still had a good time; the kids behaved.

Saturday was pretty much like the last few weekends: we started to work in the nursery. Wait, no, that’s not right. We woke up to rain and didn’t feel like doing a thing. Our friends were supposed to be having a garage sale but with the rain, that didn’t happen. We did go and hang out for a bit before hitting Costco and making lunch. In the afternoon, we went to Lowes for supplies and now that we have the paint and all, our nursery projects looms closer.

Sunday we actually did work in there a lot. I am almost to the cleaning baseboard/spackling/blue taping edges stage of the project. I was pretty worn out yesterday too, but got a lot done. It was a restful but still work-filled weekend. Even in spite of the terrible rain we got. In fact, it’s still raining today and I am over it!



This week’s theme is “funny songs”. I remember what I picked before so let’s go for something different.

I don’t know when I first found this on the net but it’s totally bonkers!

For this next one, click the link. The original is a flash vid not on youtube but well worth it!

And what’s a funny song theme without a little Weird Al, right?

8 thoughts on “MMMM + OK weekend; nothing special

  1. bwahahahahaha That Llama Song kinda gets to you after a while. Talk about a payback for kids. LOL Play that one & it’ll drive them nuts like it does us I think & holy cow who doesn’t like ol’ Weird Al!!! He’s a riot. Thanks for sharing. Luving you choices! Have a great week & safe holiday!

  2. Where do you look for these online jobs? I would love to get a job editing or grading or whatever but I’m not sure where to start looking. Any suggestions?

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