WWTK – Get crackin’!

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Answer these as best you can:


1.) What motivates you?

2.) Would you consider yourself highly productive or somewhat lazy?3.) What is your last “big” accomplishment?

4.) What would you like to accomplish but haven’t?

5.) What would make it possible to accomplish one of your all-time goals?


1.) I suppose this depends on what the goal is but for the most part, I am motivated by my desire to better myself as an individual, a mom, and a wife. Accomplishing things on my mental to-do list also gets me going.

2.) I’m a “must accomplish a certain amount before rest” type person. So though I might seem lazy – or slow to start some days – I would definitely consider myself highly productive each day. I can’t really lay around much without feeling guilty.

3.) Oof, tough question. BIG is such a relative term. I suppose one of the last big things I did was getting these two extra online jobs so that we can afford to live the life we do. On a smaller scale, I have done a lot of pregnancy related nesting in the house and really thrown out a lot of junk. I love cleaning out and purging unnecessary things. I used to hold onto a lot of mementos but I have gotten very good about hardening my heart and tossing stuff I don’t need to keep.

4.) Well, as cliche as it sounds, I’d certainly like to finish this damn novel. I have been working on it for so long and, after all, I have a creative writing degree. Jobs, kids, and life pretty much get in my way. I still feel compelled to write but I’m too tired at night to do it. My brain hurts.

5.) One of my all-time life goals is to someday own a sandwich/ice cream/comic book shop. LOL. I mean, we’d specialize in sandwiches, also sell ice cream, and have an old-fashioned look and sell comics. Of course, print comics are on their way out so who knows if this will ever happen. The thing that would facilitate this would be Ash and I learning how to run a business, getting older and having an empty nest, and then committing to a location. Also, we would have to have a lot of savings in the bank, just in case it’s a total flop.

Something like this:



3 thoughts on “WWTK – Get crackin’!

  1. Nick and I always talk about being campground hosts when we don’t have kids at home and don’t have to work all the time–retirement. We also want to visit all the national parks in the western US. if we get that done, we will think about the eastern US.

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