Slightly overwhelming

A few weeks ago, I ran into one of Elliot’s former preschool teachers at the mall. While we caught up, she asked things like if we still had the same jobs, lived in the same place, etc. And I said yes, realizing I prefer stability over radical change these days. Whenever a kid gets sick though, all that is thrown out of whack. Isaac was mostly better yesterday, though napped a lot and didn’t much eat. Elliot, on the other hand, was fine all day but then around dinner, said his stomach hurt and then he commenced with the puking. Just once though and he took a bath and went to bed. He was fine all night and woke up this morning feeling normal, so he says. And Isaac woke up STARVING so that’s a good sign.

I’m glad it happened this week and not next; next week we leave for Orlando to stay in a swanky hotel. Although, I will still have work to do while there so I have no idea how that’s going to work. It’ll be me and the kids in the room while Ash is working; it’s for a conference. However, I think my parents will come over for one of the days and then on Friday, in the afternoon, we’re taking the kids to Magic Kingdom. THAT is when I will forget I even have all these jobs and just enjoy life for a bit.

It’s going to be crazy, I fear, once this new baby arrives. Though maybe not; maybe this time it’ll be so old hat we’ll all adjust just fine. That would be nice. I keep having slight panic attacks about all the things that come along with a new baby but I really don’t know why. Half of them weren’t even bad with Isaac. I.E. lack of sleep. You just resign yourself to the fact that babies need to eat all the damn time and your body adjusts. I can’t tell you how many people thought it was insane that I was the only one who got up when a kid needed to eat. Until men have the ability to lactate, then that is how it is. I wouldn’t choose formula over BFing just so it would be “fair”. Ash helped out big time when Isaac was born and I have no doubt he’ll really play a large part in keeping the boys happy while I focus on Baby Girl. Who, by the way, had three names in the running but since two have been ruled out, I am pretty sure we’re going with our original frontrunner: Olivia.

This summer will be busy getting her room ready and generally rearranging our house/lives, but the Fall will be equally crazy. A lot of things are up in the air, especially my parents’ situation. As mentioned before, my dad’s been out of a job for a while. But my mother only recently found out her position at the private school was not renewed. She has been with them in some capacity since about 1995 so it kind of sucks. Meanwhile, my dad’s been applying for a million jobs but has finally resigned himself to applying here in Tallahassee. He made first cut on a city job and has a second interview at Bass Pro Shop this coming Monday. I think it would be really good if they moved here. Though we’d lose that Orlando connection, my parents need to do what they can to be pulling in money.

I have always wondered what it would be like to have family in the same town. My sister lived here for one year, a while ago. We saw each other – maybe – once every two weeks, if that. I would like the bonuses my parents would bring for the kids: picking them up from school if we ever needed them to, emergency babysitter, and just the time they’d get to spend with them. I’d say now, with them four hours way, we see them once every month or two. It’s a good time away but the kids and my parents really benefit. My mother and I already talked about ground rules anyway; no stopping by any time you want. There have to be boundaries. But again, overall, it’s a great chance to be closer to family.

I’m really hoping something pans out for them. I know they have struggled for a long time now and it’s time they got a break. When you’re my parents’ ages, you should be thinking about retirement!

So yeah, lots of changes, lots of things just going on in general: birthday parties, beach trips, friends moving away, babies being born. It’s a turbulent time but for the most part, we’ve found our stride and we are stable.

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