Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – It just never ends, does it?


Seriously Shawn

Super busy day but I am here, for now!

  • A spider just dropped from the ceiling onto the platform upon which my monitor rests. WTH?
  • I saw on Facebook that some of my friends went out together this weekend, to the place we go when we do Girls’ night. At first I was kind of upset I wasn’t invited but I know why:  I can’t drink and it’s a smoky place. So though I understand, it’s still sort of depressing.
  • Apropos of nothing, my tan is looking excellent this summer.
  • My sister had jury selection on Monday and though I don’t think they’d pick her, I’m only worried because you see, she lives in Sanford… and this week’s they’re weeding through 1200 potential jurors for… the Treyvon Martin case. Oy, that would be INSANE if she was chosen. Her District Manager told her to tell them it was Yankee Candle’s annual sale so she couldn’t be picked; lol. Her store probably would fall apart without her, honestly.
  • My mom made one of my all-time favorite meals on Monday night: carbonara. I hardly ever eat Italian food, to be honest, but man do I love that dish.
  • So I wrote the above on Monday afternoon but it is not Tuesday at 10:30 and I am just now getting to work. 48 hours after Isaac’s stomach issue over the weekend, he woke to a stomachache. He said he was hungry, so we fed him, and then he threw up; can’t even keep water down. He hasn’t thrown up since about 5 AM but what is this? I mean, is it a stomach virus? The doctor is a useless trip because even if it is, what can they do? Nothing, that’s what.
  • My whole week feels off-balance now because of his illness, my parents still here, Elliot in my office… I have SO much to do too.
  • So that concludes this post because, well, I am swamped. TTYL!

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – It just never ends, does it?

  1. I hate unannounced spiders dropping in. Well, I hate spiders any time. 😉

    How nice your friends were being considerate of your ‘condition’, though it would have been nicer had they given you a heads up that they were going out instead of you seeing the updates on Facebook. IMHO.

    So sorry Isaac seems to have a stomach bug! You’re right – a doc visit would be a waste of time. Hope he feels better soon!

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