MMMM + I feel wrecked from this weekend!

A little late to the office but hey, it’s summer. No one else is here anyway. SO, Ash and I did our typical half day: Mexican food and a movie (After Earth, which is a waste o’ time), then got the kiddos. I wanted root beer so we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. The evening worked out well: Ash went out and I put on Hop for this kids then put them to bed. Saturday morning, my goal was to get a lot done in the soon-to-be nursery. And did  I ever. I actually started cleaning around the house as a precursor, mostly putting off the room work because it feels just so overwhelming. So my kitchen and bathrooms looked great by 8 AM! Finally, though, I did get in that room because Ash started going through more of his things and then started taking down the desks. We removed all the desks and even cut a portion of one (we had counter-tops in there serving as desks; weird, I know) to create a new smaller computer area in our kitchen/dining room. All that being done by 11:30, we went to Sonny’s and then took a long nap. It was not my intention to sleep for three hours but I guess I needed it. I took Ell to Publix while Ash took Isaac to Target for more storage bins. I mowed the smaller side of the front yard and Ash, the larger. By the time the sun set, I was exhausted!

Just about 10:30, I drifted off to sleep but was woken suddenly at 11 when Ash heard Isaac moaning. Sure enough, he had thrown up right at the door of their room. Poor thing. And he threw up every half hour for the next three hours. We didn’t know if he was getting sick or if it was some kind of reflux so around 1 we took him into our bed and sat him up. Better to be poised with a bowl there than on our new couch or rug! We did have him on the bathroom floor for a while but after three rounds of making the toilet, he finally didn’t and all that bedding went straight to the wash. Around 3:30, he finally fell asleep and didn’t wake up again to puke so I think we got about three or four solid hours, though with Isaac flailing between us, it wasn’t good sleep. I seriously will NEVER understand people who let their kids sleep in their bed. He dry heaved a bunch in the morning but after some Pedialyte and a cracker, he leveled off. The weirdest thing is that he was in good spirits at all times when not actively puking. UGH!

By lunch, he was eating about half his normal amount of food. Yay! The boys sorta napped but I did tell them they were getting a surprise, which we actually managed to keep secret all weekend: my parents got into town a little after two. My dad is going to a job interview (today; wish him luck!). We went to the pool and the boys had a great time; Ash and i got to swim laps. We got home, made burgers, then watched Big Bang Theory pretty much all night; I was so tired from lack of sleep the night before and all the hullabaloo.

This morning, my parents are taking the boys to breakfast and playing all day (well, my dad will be interviewing) and I am getting work done. It’s nice because for the rest of the week, I’ll have Elliot here with me. It’s the week without school or camp; UGH! So there you have my crazy weekend.



Cover songs? A lot of good punk covers out there! Here are a few.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + I feel wrecked from this weekend!

  1. That Somewhere over the Rainbow is just a down and out SIN! YUK! There some songs you just shouldn’t mess with. The next is pretty good I must say. The 3rd one not sure I even recognize it… they really messed with that one. I mean I recognize, but not likin’ this remake at all. The last one is not too bad, but still likin’ the original. Great finds & thanks for sharin’ and rockin with us!

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend. WE had a similar one–in the level of activity, but I still feel we got a weekend.

  3. Fun covers but Their version of I Only Want To Be With You isn’t good much prefer the original version by Dusty Springfield it always reminds me of when I was at school 😉

    Have a brilliant weekend 🙂

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