MMMM + Bi-polar weekend

Friday was only partly sunny but the (fair)weather men claimed Saturday would be beautiful. We were banking on it because Elliot had a tee ball game and we had planned to go to the beach. Well, it turned out to be wonderful. Woke Saturday and had breakfast as a family. I flitted about the house, packing things up. Ell’s game was at 10:30 and it was wonderful weather: sunny but not hot, breezy too. His team “lost” but I figure it was payback for the butt-whooping we gave them last time. Promptly afterwards we went home, changed, made some pb&j sandwiches and hit the road. We decided to go all the way (all one hour and 50 minutes!) to St. George Island. In spite of the wind, it was still really quite wonderful. Water was a little cold but not bad once you got in a while. The kids had a blast building sand castles while I worked on my tan.

We were about two hours in when a group – probably form some camp or church – showed up and parked it right behind us. I swear, there were at least 60 people, mostly kids. We up and left for a less crowded spot because there was no way I could relax with kids running all around me. We stayed about another hour then decided to pack it in. Isaac was exhausted but had a hard time sleeping in the car. He eventually did though so we had a quiet meandering drive home along the scenic coastal highway.

Once we got back into town, it was about quarter to seven so we stopped at La Fiesta and had dinner. It was really a great day; kids had fun, we enjoyed the outdoors and it wore us all out.

Everyone felt the effects of the busy day and sun on Sunday morning and in some ways, it was good it rained all day. We didn’t feel compelled to do even more. I  did laundry and cleaning and ran a few errands while the kids played and watched movies. We watched both Old Yeller and An American Tail.  Isaac is going through a can’t sit still phase though so movies are a little on the outs for him. Speaking of, today is his official birthday. His teacher put balloons on his chair and brought in cupcakes. Super nice of her! He’s also wearing underwear today (going on day three here) so wish us luck. It’s about time he figures this whole thing out.

My plan for today is to get a lot of work done but also treat myself. I had a craving for 1 Fresh Stir Fry last night so I am totally going to get that AND a cherry limeade, since Sonic is doing happy hour on drinks since it is tax day.

Did you do your taxes??


OF COURSE this week’s theme has to do with money. So here are my (three very random) contributions:

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Bi-polar weekend

  1. A day at the beach sounds nice. Our day of R&R was on Friday, as we spent it in the mountains. We had clear, blue skies around 10am, but that dang wind had a nippy bite in the mountains. It was nice, though because the atmosphere of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Smoky Mountains is delightful no matter what.

    Tax Day has come to be just another day for us, too. We get ours done months before and while our return is always small, nonetheless we are able to reclaim a portion of the money the government would rather keep. The harsh reality of Uncle Sam’s greed was felt when DS discovered he owes the government $40. Now, he has to redo his W4 with the hopes next year he won’t have to pay. Poor kiddo!

    Thanks for dancing with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

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