Friday Confessions

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I confess… I somehow just closed my thumb in my desk drawer. Ouch. Stupid Friday.

I confess… I am wearing shorts and a big baggy shirt today but you know what? It’s Friday and I’m pregnant. So there.

I confess… I was a bit disappointed to find out, through various sources, that two of my students – best students at that – are slacking off and it’s due to lame reasons  One of them is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend but telling his advisors he has headaches and the other one is having 48 hour Call of Duty binges. I get it, guys. I was an undergrad once too. And I had a boyfriend. And we played games all night. But by the time I go to those things  I had actually improved as a student and I was managing it all juust fine.

I confess… I opted out of my wifely/motherly duties last night and joined some friends for sushi. And it was good. And I had a great time. Sometimes the last minute plans are the best.

I confess… It was nice getting a bonus ultrasound yesterday. Since my gender reveal u/s was “incomplete” (no good looks at her face) I got to complete it yesterday. We caught her yawning and then sticking her tongue out. LOL. It was quite amusing. She weighs one entire pound now! And I have only gained 11, which is shocking to me because I’ve been lazy!

I confess… I took Benadryl the last two nights before bed for allergies. I normally don’t; I take Allegra. But it was all we had and I’ll tell ya, that will knock you out. Which I both like and dislike. I get up 2-3 times a night to pee these days but when I was on that, i slept 5-6 hours straight. Weird.

I confess… I’m about to play a ton of Candy Crush in between grading papers. Fun, right? I’m also going to work right through lunch and heave-ho outta here by 3:45. Peace out! Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions

  1. Benadryl DEFINITELY knocks you out… I had an allergic reaction here at work once to something I ate, and they gave me Benadryl. I spent all afternoon in a daze, trying desperately to keep my eyes open. When I got home, I slept for three hours straight. It’s good stuff! haha!

  2. I just discovered Candy Crush today! What a time suck! Love it (but I fear I’m going to get fired on Monday when the boss catches me playing it all day!)

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